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Austin Police Departments Information

Austin, the city of the Austin Police Department, is the home of the most premier law enforcement agency in the state of Texas. The Austin Police Department employs over 2,600 personnel, which includes over 1,900 police officers. The Austin Police have a dedicated mission of serving and protecting their city along with the inhabitants which reside therein.

With a multitude of programs especially aimed at learning and growing with the society along with destroying the stereotypes surrounding the police and their affairs, the Police Department of Austin has a clear image in their head of making their city the safest city in the United States of America.

Chief of Police

Brian Manley is the current chief of police in the city of Austin. He has been a part of the force since 1990 and became the chief on June 2018. In a very long illustrious career, Chief Manley has worked in almost all departments pertaining to the police, including Patrol, Homicide, Narcotics, Child Abuse, Highway Enforcement, Special Operations, Internal Affairs, Homeland Security, and Training and Recruiting. Chief Manley has done a lot for the department, including introducing the Austin Police Department’s first de-escalation policy, in tandem with a local activist group.

Austin Police Departments

Austin Police Department 
Police Programs

The Austin Police Department has introduced a number of programs in order to ensure transparency within the ranks, with other police departments, and most importantly, the public. These police programs include the following:

  • Amigos en Azul (Friends in Blue): This program was founded in 1982 to allay the differences between the Hispanic community and the police officers of Austin. The police department offers a scholarship of $200 to a bright young high schooler. Since its inception, the Austin Police Department has awarded over $60,000 to the Hispanic community.

  • Austin Police Department Body Cam: This program has started with the objective to provide one body cam for all police officers in the Austin Police Department. This will help decrease the fear of police brutality within the public, as well as will make the officers accountable for their own actions.

  • Austin Police Department Summer Camp: The Austin Police Department partners with the Austin Independent School District every year to provide children with four weeks of free summer camp. This camp is open for children who are in school and helps them increase their range of extracurricular activities through activities such as swimming, bowling, volleyball, and dodge ball. In addition, students also learn about subjects such as art, history, environmental studies, leadership skills, and time and money management.

  • Sexual Assault Kit Initiative: The sexual assault kit initiative of the Austin Police Department is directed to all sexual assault survivors so that they do not have to face undue agony and mental trauma while reporting the crime. The police department has been gearing up to work through a victim-centered and empathetic approach. In addition to this, the Austin Police Department is also working towards understanding why sexual crimes go unreported and instilling conditions in which a survivor can feel free to speak out.

  • Citizen Police: The citizen police is a 14-week program which can help a person become a volunteer with the Austin Police. The general policy of the program is to educate the public about the workings of the department.

    city of Austin Police Department

Austin Police Department Address

Physical Address: 715 E, Eighth Street, Austin 78701, Texas.

Address for deliveries and mail: PO Box 689001, Austin 78768- 9001, Texas.

Austin Police Phone Number

For any emergencies, please call 911.

For any non-emergency situations or if you have any questions which you would like answered, call the Austin Police at 311 or 512- 974- 2000

Austin Police Department Email


Austin Police Department Website


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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 20, 2022
Sensitive Information!