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Birmingham Police Departments Information

The Birmingham police department is the largest in Alabama state. The department serves a population of more than 2, 12, 000 people of the state. The department consists of 912 sworn officers. The strength of the professional staff at the Birmingham police department is 325.

The department is one of the most technologically-forward Birmingham police departments in the state. It uses modern technology for stricter enforcement of laws and a safer society.

Let us learn more about the Birmingham police department and the way it operates to promote peace and security within its jurisdiction:

Birmingham Police Department Address and Contact

The address of the police headquarters of the city of Birmingham police department is:

First Avenue North, 1710


Alabama 35203

Phone Number: 254 1765

Birmingham police department email: BPDSuggestions@birminghamal.gov

Department Working Hours: Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Website Address: https://police.birminghamal.gov/

Contacts including physical address and phone numbers for each specific department unit are available here.

Birmingham Police Departments

Major Divisions of the City of Birmingham Police Department

The police department of Birmingham uses 3 key divisions to execute its operations in a smoother manner. These 3 divisions ensure that the department provides all the latest national police services to its jurisdiction.

1) The Administrative Bureau

This division manages a wide range of the Department’s internal operations, including:

  • Training new recruits and existing law enforcement officers. This unit undertakes intensive training, including firearm training. Firearm training includes training officers in the use of standard weapons. Training utilizes simulations to familiarize officers with real-time use of weapons.
  • Keeping the department up-to-date on the latest technology. The technology and research unit of the department gives insights into new technologies that law enforcement officers can use to fight crimes more efficiently.

In addition, the unit ensures the safety of the department’s critical police data and provides a crime data analysis.

  • Issuing and managing the department’s physical facilities, including vehicles, weapons, uniforms, equipment, radios, and others.
  • Identifying and procuring new funding channels. The resultant funding is utilized to obtain new equipment and technology as well as to fund crime control initiatives and community-based programs.
  • Managing the department’s entire budget and financial operations. The Budget unit also handles processing and authorization of inventory procurement and management.
  • Setting and maintaining the department’s accreditation standards. The Administrative Services unit, in addition to handling the accreditation procedures, manages recruiting and payroll.

2) The Investigations Bureau

The Bureau is responsible for investigating crimes. There are 4 main units and several subunits to handle the Bureau operations.

  • There are separate units to handle crimes against people and property. The unit handling crimes against public investigate robberies and homicides in addition to special crime projects.
  • Physical crimes against people including homicides, assaults amounting to felonies, kidnappings and sexual crimes, are investigated by the Homicides division and its subunits.
  • Crimes against property, including burglaries, arson, frauds and motor vehicle thefts, are handled by a separate Crimes against Property unit and its subunits.
  • Crimes of violations of firearms are investigated by the Isolate Criminal Element project.
  • There are separate divisions to handle juvenile crimes, domestic abuse, abuse of minors, crimes against animals, highway drug crimes, gang activities, drug-related crimes, prostitution, and other criminal activities.
  • A dedicated unit takes care of victims that have been affected by violent crimes. The unit also works toward the betterment of treatment of crime victims.
Birmingham Police

3) Field Operations Bureau

The Bureau’s responsibilities include:

  • Organizing patrols in business and residential areas
  • Managing traffic
  • Enforcing traffic laws
  • Conducting investigations into accidents
  • Presenting evidence in court
  • Conducting investigations into complaints lodged by citizens, business owners and guests visiting the City.
  • Responding to call requests for police services

Citizen-Friendly Programs

  • Project SAFE is aimed at people that have suffered due to domestic or family abuse either directly or indirectly. Reducing the rate of crime recommission by offenders is a major goal of the Project.
  • Crime Stoppers is an associate program involving Birmingham city community members and media. The Program encourages citizens to provide a clue or tip that can aid in crime-solving or capturing the criminal.
  • Youth Services aids in crime prevention among youth and conducts associated programs.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on October 19, 2021
Sensitive Information!