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Boston Police Departments Information

Set up as early as 1838, the Boston Police Department has the primary responsibility to investigate and enforce law and order in the city of Boston in the United States of America. The Police Department is also the oldest in America. Also, the Police Department is the country’s twentieth biggest law enforcement agency, as well as New England’s largest.

There are around 808 civilian employees with patrol services and 2,015 sworn-in police officers in the city of Boston Police Department. It is interesting to note that the Police Department has mandated all its officers recruited since 1955 to reside within the city limits of Boston.

Contact Details:

Boston Police Department Address

Boston Police Headquarters,

One Schroeder Plaza,

Roxbury Crossing, Massachusetts 02120.

Boston Police Department Email


Contact No: 617-343-4500

Website: https://www.boston.gov/departments/police

Structure of the Department

The department is segregated into 3 different zones, as well as 11 neighborhood districts. A Deputy Superintendent of Police supervises each zone while a Captain heads every district in the city.

There are bureaus in the Police Department that are under the jurisdiction of the Police Commissioner.

BFS (Bureau of Field Services)

The BFS or Bureau of Field Services comprises police districts and zone commands, Youth Violence Strike Force, and Special Operations Unit.

BIS (Bureau of Investigation Services)

The BIS or Bureau of Investigative Services comprises the Forensic Science Division, Family Justice Center, Drug Control Unit, and Homicide Unit.

Boston Police Departments
Other Bureaus

There are other bureaus under this Police Department such as the Bureau of Professional Standards & Development and the Bureau of Administration and Technology. These further include the Internal Affairs & Anti-Corruption and Training & Education Division under the jurisdiction of Superintendent.

BIS or Bureau of Investigative Services

It is the responsibility of the bureau to look after the activities undertaken by the different investigative divisions in the city. BIS comprises the following:

  1. Criminal Investigation Division
  2. Major Case Division
  3. Investigative Planning Unit
  4. Community Disorders Unit

Investigative Planning Unit

The task of this unit is to provide operational logistical and administrative support to the Chief of the bureau.

Civil Rights Unit

The unit coordinates with the field and investigative response bias-related crimes and incidents wherein the civil rights of the citizens have infringed by harassment, threats, or violence.

Major Case Division

Its responsibility is to conduct investigations of crimes by organized groups and individuals. The following are included in this division:

  1. Special Investigations Unit
  2. The Family Justice Group
  3. The DEA Task Force Unit
  4. Financial Evidence Unit
  5. Drug Control Unit

City of Boston Police Department
Family Justice Division

The division has the responsibility to investigate and respond to incidents concerning child exploitation and abuse, domestic abuse, and sexual assault. The division comprises the following:

  1. Crimes Against Children Unit
  2. Human Trafficking Unit
  3. Domestic Violence Unit
  4. Sexual Assault Unit

Criminal Investigation Division

It has the responsibility to conduct specialized and general investigation. It comprises the following:

  1. Fugitive Section
  2. Homicide Unit
  3. Forensics Group
  4. District Detectives

We will only look at the Homicide Unit and the Forensics Group in this article.

Homicide Unit

When the District Attorney directs, the unit will investigate, as well as, prepare cases on suspicious deaths, homicides, serious assaults, battered kids, wherein the victim faces the possibility of death and fatal collisions along with the sudden passing away of infants or stillborn babies.

Forensic Group

The Forensic Group of Boston Police Department has the responsibility to preserve, procure, and analyze physical proof to eventually present in the courts and to assist in developing the procedures and techniques for criminal apprehension and identification and an effective crime scene. The division includes the following units:

  1. Crime Lab Unit
  2. Firearms Analysis Unit
  3. Crime Scene Response Unit
  4. Latent Print Unit

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on November 29, 2021
Sensitive Information!