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Brownsville Police Departments Information

The city of Brownsville Police Department is responsible for policing the area of Brownsville, Texas. As per the Brownsville Police Departments Mission Statement, the Brownsville Police is committed to providing professional, proactive, and effective public safety as well as community service by expressing integrity and honesty in its community partnerships. It wishes to enhance the quality of life of people residing in Brownsville.

Brownsville Police Departments Community Outreach Program

The City of Brownsville Police Department hosts numerous community outreach programs to facilitate greater interaction with the residents of Brownsville. What are these programs? Let’s learn below –

  • Christmas for Kids – The City of Brownsville Police Department looks after needy children by organizing fundraisers and collecting donations all year through. Around Christmas, they hold a special giveaway which they fund by performing activities that allow them to acquire the toys which they then give away to the underprivileged children of Brownsville before Christmas.
Brownsville Police Departments
  • Citizens Police Academy and Jr. Police Academy – The Citizens Police Academy program run by Brownsville Police Departments is an attempt by Brownsville Police to inform the citizens about their various departments and duties. Think of it as an awareness program regarding the City of Brownsville Police Department for the citizens of
  • Brownsville Police Explorers – The Brownsville Police Departments Police Explorers program sponsors teenagers keen about learning how Brownsville Police These teenagers are then trained to function as a medium between Brownsville Police and the public of Brownsville.

Besides these programs listed above, Brownsville PD also organizes community events throughout the year to strengthen their bond with the people of Brownsville.                           

Other information

The current Chief of Police, Brownsville PD is Felix Sauceda. Brownsville Police operates an online reporting system, which citizens can use to report incidences of any crime to the Brownsville Police Departments. Trespassing, property damage, harassment, minor traffic accident, burglary, and other such legal offenses using this online reporting system.

The Brownsville Police Department also runs a Bike Patrol for areas where ordinary police patrol vehicles cannot reach. The Bike Patrol officers also proactively participate in preventing crime in the community. There’s an option to leave your suggestion for the Bike Patrol officers on the official web address of the City of Brownsville Police Department.

Brownsville Police Department
Brownsville Police Department Address and Brownsville Police Department Email

If you wish to contact the police in Brownsville, you can call 911. For non-emergencies, you can dial 956-548-7000. Incase these contact numbers fail to bring you any communication from Brownsville Police, you can use Brownsville Police Department Email. The Brownsville Police Department Email is bpd.pio@cob.us. In the rare case that the Brownsville Police Department Email isn’t available either, you can always visit the official website at https://www.brownsvillepd.com.

Brownsville Police also operates a Facebook page for the convenience of the residents of Brownsville. The Brownsville Police Department Address is 600 E, Jackson Street, Brownsville, TX 78520. If you find that you’re unable to contact them via phone or email, you can simply drop into the Brownsville Police Department Address and consult them about any legal issues that you might be facing.

Do not try to take the law into your hands. Feel free to visit the Brownsville Police Department Address if you are met with any incidences of crime or unlawfulness in Brownsville. The Brownsville law enforcement agency is specially trained and equipped to handle any legal offenses that may plague the community of Brownsville. Why risk the law when you can reach out to law enforcers and have your legal problems sorted?

The police in Brownsville will be more than happy to help. They perceive any criminal offenses in their jurisdiction with utmost seriousness and are devoted to keeping incidences of crime low in Brownsville

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 1, 2022
Sensitive Information!