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Charleston Police Departments Information

The Charleston police department happened to be the maiden municipal law enforcement organization in South Carolina, which was accredited by the CALEA or Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies.

Chief Luther T. Reynolds heads the department that boasts specialized personnel and several resources at its disposal. The CPD or City of Charleston Police department has also got the distinction of being Charleston’s official police department. It is also the biggest police department of the state of South Carolina apart from the South Carolina police pertaining to manpower. The Charleston police department features several reserve officers, numerous volunteers who are not sworn, and 458 sworn officers.

Contact Charleston the Department

‘You can contact the Charleston police department in any of the following ways:

  1. Charleston Police Department Email: smallsl@charleston-sc.gov
  2. Charleston Police Department Address:

You can visit in person or send a mail at:

180, Lockwood Boulevard, 

Charleston, South Carolina 29403.

  1. Phone number: 843-577-7434
Charleston Police Departments

Community Services Division

Its Community Services Division comprises of many units such as the Traffic Division, Highway Safety, and the Bicycle Patron. The division operates very closely with the people living in the city of Charleston to have an enhanced understanding of the requirements and concerns for a more secure neighborhood. The key goal is to identify means so that the community where the citizens live and work is as secure as possible.

Operational Units of the Department

Some of the operational units of this police department are as follows:

  1. Special Victims Unit
  2. Homicide investigations
  3. Canine Unit
  4. Harbor Patrol
  5. Traffic Unit
  6. Motor Bike Unit
  7. Animal Services
  8. Computer Crimes Unit
  9. Victims Services Unit
  10. Specially Activated Units such as the SWAT or Special Weapons & Tactics Team, the Honor Guard, the Disaster Response Team, Underwater Recovery Team, Explosive Devices Team, and Negotiation Team
  11. Community Actions force that helps to build up a rapport with the general public
  12. CSO or Community Services Officer Unit that constitutes a force of volunteers in uniform to support the CPD with different kinds of duties that are non-enforceable in nature.
  13. Forensic Services Division such as a Fingerprint Lab, the Crime Scene Unit, a Photo Lab, a Crime Lab, a Polygraph Examiner, and a Digital Evidence Unit

Charleston Police Department also maintains and manages its vehicles and a team of experienced and certified mechanics who operate in their own garage. It also constitutes a radio shop, which maintains, as well as, programs the emergency vehicle components and radio network of the department.

City of Charleston Police Department

Department Police Stations

The Police Departments of the city of Charleston has many stations. Check them out below:

  1. Office of Team 1-located on the Meeting Street
  2. Office of Team 2 -located on the Wilson Street
  3. Office of Team 3-located on the Wappoo Creek Drive
  4. Chief John Conroy Law Enforcement Center- It is the headquarters for CPD and acts as the Communications hub for many of the Emergency Services of the city apart from the CFD or Charleston Fire Department
  5. Office of the Team 4 -located on Mary Ader Avenue
  6. Johns Island Office: located at the Bohicket Road at the Charleston Fire Department station
  7. Office of Team 7/ its Traffic Division-located on the Brigade Street
  8. Office of the Team 5 -located on the Seven Farms Drive at the Charleston Fire Department or CFD station
  9. Several other offices and facilities all through the community
  10. Office of Crime Prevention- located on the Sam Rittenberg Boulevard in the Citadel Mall

The headquarters of the Charleston Police Department is the sole CPD facility, which is staffed round the clock. All other facilities act as business offices and/or substations.

Additional authority of CPD

Also, the department enjoys its authority over the following:

  1. Facility for Temporary Holding
  2. Police memorial set at the Brittlebank Park

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on December 4, 2021
Sensitive Information!