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Chicago Police Departments Information

The Chicago Police Department

The Chicago Police Department is the principal law enforcement agency in the city of Chicago, Illinois and is the second-largest municipal police department after the New York Police Department. The department was incorporated on the 4th of March, 1837 in the U.S. city of Chicago. The Chicago Police Department has approximately 13,500 employees and its headquarters is located in the city of Chicago.

Mission and Vision

The key vision of the Chicago Police is to ensure that “all Chicagoans are safe, supported, and proud of the Chicago Police Department.” The official mission statement of the Chicago Police reads as “To serve our communities and protect the lives, rights, and property of all people in Chicago.”

Moreover, the Chicago Police Department works on the ideology of certain core values which it strives to safeguard in all circumstances. These values are as follow:

1. Professionalism: The Department strives to ensure the best of professional conduct towards all its citizens.

2. Integrity: The Department always strives to achieve the highest standards of honesty and ethical conduct.

3. Courage: The employees of the Chicago Police strive to uphold and follow the law in all situations of fear, danger, and temptation.

4. Dedication: The Chicago Police is committed to treating all citizens with equality, fairness, and respect.

5. Respect: The Department’s leadership examples strives to inspire respect and admiration for the Chicago Police.

Chicago Police Department

Department Bureaus and Offices

Office of The Superintendent of Police

The Chicago Police Department is led by the Superintendent of Police who is appointed by the Mayor of the city of Chicago. Besides performing their regular duties and overall department management the Office of the Superintendent takes care of other important activities such as planning and implementing the Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy or CAPS, enhancing the Department's response rate to domestic violence, coordinating and facilitating law enforcement services to senior citizens, organizing police overage at important public gatherings, addressing legal and legialative matters, administering labor agreements, and giving liaison to the news media. The Superintendent of Police of the Chicago Police Department at present is Eddie T. Johnson.

Office of the First Superintendent of Police

The Office of the First Superintendent of Police which is commanded directly by the First Superintendent of Police who reports directly to the Superintendent of Police. The Office is constituted of the following sections and units: Crime Control Strategies Section, Detached Services Unit, Special Events Unit, Deployment Operations Section, and Street Operations Unit. The different bureaus under the office are Detectives, Organizational Development, Patrol and Support Services and Organized Crime. The post of the First Superintendent of Police in the Chicago Police Department is currently held by Anthony J. Riccio.

Bureau Of Patrol

The Bureau of Patrol in the Chicago Police is commanded by a chief who reports directly to the First Superintendent of the Chicago Police. The chief is also supported by an executive officer who also holds the rank of the deputy chief. This particular bureau is responsible for the general field operations, protection of life and property, and enforcement of traffic laws and ordinances. Currently, the post of the Chief of Bureau of Patrol is held by Fred L. Waller.

Contact Information

The Chicago Police Department can be reached out through various channels of communication including the latest social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. The primary contact information pertaining to the Police Department of the city of Chicago is as follows:


Headquarters Building

3510 South Michigan Avenue

Chicago, IL 60653


(312) 746-6000 (Non-emergency)

Anti-Gun Enforcement

Telephone: (877) CPD-GUNS (273-4867)

Bomb & Arson Hotline

Telephone: (773) 533-FIRE (3473)

CAPS Implementation Office

Telephone: (312) 745-5900

Drug Hotline

Telephone: (800) CRACK44 (272-2544)

Chicago police department address

TTY: (312) 747-3673


Telephone: 911

TTY: 911

Gang Hotline

Telephone: (312) 746-GANG (4264)

TTY: (312) 746-4276


Telephone: 311 (within city limits)

Telephone: 312-746-6000 (outside of city limits)

TTY: 311

The official website of the Chicago Police Department is accessible at https://home.chicagopolice.org/ and the official email address is CLEARPATH@chicagopolice.org.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on October 28, 2021
Sensitive Information!