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Chula Vista Police Departments Information

The law and order in the city of Chula Vista in California is administered by the Chula Vista Police Department. The Chief of Police heads the Police Department of Chula Vista. The city’s Police Department is segregated into 3 separate divisions. These are as follows:

  1. Administrative Services Division
  2. Investigations Division
  3. Patrol Operations Division

Incidentally, Chula Vista happens to be San Diego’s second-largest city. It is also considered to be the region’s safest city. From 2007 to 2011, the overall rate of crime, property crime, and violent crime in the community plunged, down by over thirty-two percent in every category. The city of Chula Vista also features among the safest cities in the County of San Diego.

Contact Details

Chula Vista Police Department Address:

315 4th Ave,

91910, Chula Vista, California.

Phone number:

+1 619-691-5151

Website: www.chulavistapd.org

Addressing Issues Concerning Homelessness

The CVPD or Chula Vista Police Department treats all residents as people of great importance and worth. The Police Department is not judgmental on those people who have to go through unfortunate incidents through force or choice and find themselves without proper shelter or home in the city.

At the same time, there are specific societal and environmental issues concerning the living conditions of people without homes, which can affect all the citizens including the homeless, businesses, and residents. The CVPD has come up with a special program called HOT or Homeless Outreach Team to strike a balance between the requirements of all the above-mentioned groups and also to promote a healthy and positive quality of life.

HOT constitutes of public safety analysts, community outreach organizations’ representatives, and public officers. The team also has the responsibility to analyze societal and environmental factors about the city’s quality of life because it relates to the lack of shelter or home. The team also develops special strategies to handle all these factors and also implement those strategies to benefit all the stakeholders.

Chula Vista Police Departments
Property Recovery

The city of Chula Vista Police Department also has a division called the Property & Evidence Unit. The unit helps in claiming or recovering evidence or property to be retained on a specific case. The person concerned should make an appointment between Tuesday and Friday. The person should bring his/her case number, a notice for claiming property if applicable, and a valid photo ID proof.

Recover a Firearm

In case the police have taken your firearm for the sake of safety, the law in the state requires you to send an application for your background clearance to the Department of Justice proper to it being sent back to you.

Preventing disorder and crime in the city

  1. Keeping parties quiet, safe, and prevent underage drinking

The city has 2 ordinances in place to curtail underage drinking and making loud noises at parties.

Chula Vista Police

  1. Lowering trespassing issues

The issue of trespassing or unlawful entry can be reduced through several ways including ensuring that the premise is less favorable to trespassing, as well as, filing an authorization letter for a trespass letter with the Chula Vista Police Department.

  1. Bringing down occurrences of disorder and crime at Apartment Complexes

The Office of City Attorney, as well as, the Police Department of Chula Vista developed several key resources for landlords and tenants so that the quality of life and safety levels at the apartment complexes of the city can be improved significantly.

  1. Tools for Community Crime Prevention/Neighborhood Watch

A program for community development initiated by Chula Vista Police Department, Neighborhood Watch ensures that business owners and residents collaborate with the police to prevent and detect crimes in their respective communities.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 19, 2022
Sensitive Information!