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Cleveland Police Departments Information

When the night embraces the city and residents fall into a deep sleep, the police patrol is deep awake. They assure the citizens of the state that they have vowed to protect and safeguard are peacefully sleeping with no fear of bad people. The Cleveland Division of Police has scaled one step further and has vowed to dedicate their life for public safety. With 1600 and more male and female diligent police officers, the Cleveland Police Departments is equipped with one of the best and efficient patrol units, crime investigation units, field officers, and able administrative staff to combat crime in the city.

General Information- Team

The Cleveland Police are supremely controlled by the Mayor of the city. Under the Mayor, the safety director takes charge that is responsible for the allocating grants. The chief of police reports to the safety director. Departments under the chief of police are governed by supervisors. The various teams in the Cleveland police department are:

  • Traffic control
  • Patrolling
  • Community policing
  • Communications and property control
  • Support services
  • Special services
  • Special investigations
  • Homeland services
  • Airport aviation and borderline security services
  • Logistics section
  • Planning section

All the department’s report to the mayor Frank G Jackson. The police officers in rank are all certified under Cleveland civil services examination. The supervisors are trained with high-level supervisory training under the Cleveland police training section for 4 weeks. They will be then posted in the patrolling unit to begin their field operations. Each of the officers in the Cleveland division of police is trained well in state laws as well as federal laws.

Cleveland Police Departments

Cleveland Police Department Contact Information

The Cleveland Police Department Address is

Calvin D. Williams

Chief of police

1300 Ontario Street


Ohio, 44113

Telephone - 216-623-5000

Fax - 216-623-5584

Relay - 711

Emergency - 911

The Cleveland Police Department Email inbox can be reached by clicking here. This page has a contact link to reach the mayor office when there are any issues related to public services.

Cleveland Police Department Website

The Cleveland police department website can be reached at


This is a user-friendly website and the menu items are arranged neatly. The landing page has the latest news, safety information online portal; missing persons find the page and the latest press releases synopses. This page also has a link to the various social media handles of the Cleveland police.

Cleveland Police

Cleveland Police Department Special Forces

The Cleveland police have a community policing team to help school students and law-abiding citizens to live peacefully. Also, there are special task forces that help to assist people during community meetings and other memorial services. The Cleveland mounted patrol system is famous for its traffic control. The other special task forces are assembled as and when required to help the residents for community services namely:

  • Health and human services wherein police officers help senior citizens and other residents to undergo health screening
  • Environment protection task force who help and educate youth and elders about protecting the environment from pollution and plastic
  • Airport, public transportation, temporary parking arrangements, repairs of potholes, etc.

Cleveland Police Department Interesting activities

The Cleveland Police also partake in some interesting activities namely

  1. Animal shelter and pets- In this service, adopting dogs, reclaiming, dog licensing, animal complaints, zoo keeping, voluntary services are included
  2. Firearm licensing
  3. Education and learning where the Cleveland police take the responsibility of providing safety to recreational houses, fine arts centers, safety classes, CPR training and also educating the public on lead-safe living.

The city of Cleveland police department has always been the first in introducing so many new police patrolling activities in the United States of America. Since its origination in 1866 till date, the Cleveland division of police has been appreciated by its fellow citizens for their professionalism and valor.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 25, 2022
Sensitive Information!