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Columbus Police Departments Information

The Columbus Police Department was set up in 1831 and had only one employee then. Today, the Police Department aims to provide excellent law enforcement services to the citizens of the city of Columbus so that the residents can enjoy an improved quality of life.

The Police Department of Columbus is further committed to maintaining its partnership with the city’s community in a way so that they have complete trust and confidence in the city’s Police Department.
Contact Details:

Columbus Police Department Address
510 10th Street,
Columbus, Georgia 31902-1340
Emergency Contact No: 911
Non-Emergency Contact No: 979.732.5898
Website: https://www.columbusga.gov/Police/

Columbus Police Departments: Information, Websites, Contact Information, and More

Bureau of Investigative Services

The aim of the Bureau of Investigative Services under the city’s Police Department is to offer specialized and follow-up investigative services. At present, Major Hawk heads the bureau while there are 2 captains who are directly reporting to him. While one of these Captains looks after the Special Operations Division, the other one is the bureau’s Executive Officer.

Divisions Under the Bureau

At present, the bureau is made of the divisions listed below:

1. Special Operations Division
2. Homicide
3. Crime Scene Investigation
4. Robbery/Assault
5. Special Victims Division
6. Burglary/Theft

Columbus Police Department Special Operations Division

It is the responsibility of this unit to investigate all incoming complaints about ABC violations, gambling, prostitution, trafficking, and narcotics. Also, the unit features a Tactical Unit, which can be used for taking care of any situation, which requires an instant response for enforcing law and order. An example is the detail of crime suppression for robberies and burglaries.

Columbus Police Department Homicide Division

The city of Columbus Police Department also has a dedicated Homicide Unit under the Bureau of Investigative Services. It has the responsibility of investigating suspicious or criminal deaths, which require high profile and/or long term investigations. The division takes care of unsolved murder cases from earlier years, as well as, recent cases.

Columbus Police Departments: Information, Websites, Contact Information, and More

Columbus Police Department Crime Scene Investigations Division  

The unit is a highly specialized one and comprises of certified and trained technicians who perform evidence processing and provide pictures at the scene of a crime.
Robbery / Assault Division
The division’s Fugitive Unit locates people who have arrest warrants issued from the Police Department of Columbus. The unit is also responsible for handling intrastate and interstate prisoner extraditions.
It is the responsibility of the Robbery and Assault Unit to conduct investigations including personal and commercial robberies and assault crimes.

Columbus Police Department Special Victims Division

It consists of two different units:

1. Sex Crimes/Predator Unit
The unit specializes in criminal activities related to sex including rapes and online predators. The investigators are given high-level training to assist the victims of these kinds of crimes and handle sexual offenders.

2. The Youth and Adult Services Unit
The unit focuses on the unlawful activities carried out by juveniles in the city. A juvenile is a person who is less than 17-year-old and also includes Runaways or Ungovernable. The unit is also responsible for investigating reports of missing persons – both adults, as well as, juveniles in the city of Columbus.

Columbus Police Department Burglary / Theft Division

It is the responsibility of the division’s Pawnshop Unit to look after the following aspects of pawnshop businesses:

1. To check pawnshop items for the possibility of being stolen articles
2. To investigate people who have involvement with stolen pawned items
3. Maintaining and entering details of all pawned items in a computerized database

The division’s Burglary and Theft Unit conducts investigations of property-related criminal offenses and include burglary apart from different kinds of thefts.

All types of economic crimes are investigated by the division’s Fraud Unit. It collaborates with other divisions within the bureau and also with other bureaus of the Columbus Police Department.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 16, 2022
Sensitive Information!