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Corona Police Department Information

The city of Corona Police Department consists of more than 220 enthusiastic women and men, including civilians and officers who have taken the oath. Together, this team is responsible for the safety and protection of the nearly 170,000 residents of Corona.

Public service and safety are both central priorities for the Corona Police. Through strong ties with government and private agencies as well as with the public, the Corona police have assumed the charge of improving the quality of life for this community via excellence in police services.

George Johnstone is the current Chief of Police at the Corona Police Department.

The Corona Police Departments are split into several Divisions and Units. These are:

Field Services Division

Aviation Unit- Through a contracted partnership with the Riverside Police Department, the Aviation unit responds to certain crimes such as vehicle pursuits, in-progress crimes, missing persons, area checks, etc. This is the first team to usually arrive on the crime scene and will cancel or handle the ground unit, making officers available for other calls.

FLEX Team- The main role is to provide support for patrol officers in their efforts by implementing crime suppression actions and community policing programs. This team is made up of officers who address and solve community concerns without responding to traditional calls for service. This team deals with issues such as PRCS searches, parole, probation, surveillance, arrest or search warrant preparation, etc.

H.O.P.E. Team- The Homeless Outreach and Psychological Evaluation Unit are faced with the duties of being the first contact with the mentally ill and homeless. Using a balance of law enforcement and support resources, this police unit aims to give these individuals a better quality of life.

Corona Police Departments

K9 Unit-The Corona Police Department’s K-9 Team aids in locating criminal offenders, education the Corona community about the different roles of a police service dog, to find evidence hidden or thrown away by suspects, etc. This unit is vital in locating missing adults or children, finding hidden drugs and performing demonstrations at schools, community events, and hospitals.

Mounted Enforcement Unit- This team was formed in 1991 and is used for crowd management and crime suspension purposes at city functions, in-park concerts, in the downtown core, at Independence Day celebrations, etc.

Patrol- The Patrol Unit works round the clock to ensure security and safety within the community. This team works in shifts and can be often seen in police cars patrolling neighborhoods and ensuring law and order.

Investigative Services Division

Detective Bureau- This team investigates intricate cases that are referred by the patrol unit. This unit consists of general detectives who handle different types of crime such as sex crimes, homicide, larceny, robberies, property crimes, etc. There are several sub-units within the Detective Bureau. This includes vice-narcotics, property crimes, crimes against persons, computer crimes, gang task force, Homeland Security, etc.

Family Services

The programs offered in this division are geared toward building stronger families and communities. The Corona Police Department offers several programs to support this endeavor such as Youth Diversion Team, School Resource Officers, Graffiti Tracking, Special Event Planning, and Permits, etc.

Corona Police Departments information

Traffic Division

The main goal of this unit is to facilitate the orderly and safe movement of traffic throughout the city of Corona. The team promotes driver safety via engineering, education, investigations, and enforcement.

Other Departments/Divisions

Animal Services & Enforcement

Police Ride Along Requests

Active Shooter Training

Dog Walker Watch Program

Corona Police Contact Information

You may get in touch with the Corona Police Department in several ways.

Corona Police Department Address: 400 S. Vicentia Ave. Corona, CA 92882

Corona Police Department Email:

Visit https://www.coronaca.gov/government/departments/police-department/community-zone-contacts

Select your zone. The contact person and their email information for that zone will be listed.

Corona Police Department Contact Number: 951-736-2330

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 13, 2022
Sensitive Information!