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Denton Police Departments Information

Denton Police Department has been in service since 1920. The department serves a diverse population of over 133, 000 in the city. The staff strength of the Denton Police department is over 200 officers.

The city of Denton police department works in collaboration with local police departments and fellow law enforcement agencies, community members and service providers, in the course of its duty.

The department employs technology, innovation, tried and tested police techniques and collaboration, to prevent crime, nab criminals, establish and maintain relationships with citizens, and promote a safer society.

Denton Police Department Address
and Other Contact Information

For all non-emergency situations, the Denton Police can be reached at:

East Hickory Street, 601


Texas 76205

Denton Police Department Email: dentonpolice@cityofdenton.com

The phone number for non-emergencies: 349 8181

Emergency Phone Number: 911

Critical issues related to utilities that demand immediate attention such as leaking water meters, damage to water or sewage main lines, power blackout, and electric wires or poles that have fallen down, can be brought to the immediate notice of the Denton Police through the phone number 349 7000.

A list of phone numbers for other key police situations is available here.

The website address of the city of Denton police department is https://www.cityofdenton.com/en-us/government/departments/police.

Denton Police Departments

How the Department Works

The Department works in a hierarchical rank structure with the Chief being the top of the hierarchy. Other levels in the hierarchy include (in the ascending order):

  • Officer
  • Sergeant
  • Lieutenant
  • Deputy Chief
  • Assistant Chief

The Internal Affairs Unit

The department has an Internal Affairs department that evaluates employee performance. This unit is headed by a team of a lieutenant and an investigator. Any reports of officer misconducts are also investigated by this unit.

Online Feedback System

The department has an online system to receive feedback regarding department employees’ work, including their conduct. Citizens can use this system to complain about an officer’s misconduct or praise an officer’s work. The department investigates the complaints and takes necessary action accordingly.

City of Denton Police Department
Online Crime Reporting

Denton Police Department uses an online system to enable citizens to report crimes faster. An individual can report a crime using this online system, provided:

  • The police situation is not an emergency.
  • The police situation is not currently happening.
  • The police situation does not involve a motor vehicle accident.
  • The individual is not submitting a request on behalf of another individual unless specifically requested so by the other individual.
  • The police situation occurred within the city of Denton.
  • The individual reporting the police situation has a verifiable email address.

The department has also an “Engage Denton” online system for citizens looking to report issues of concern to the Denton Police. This system can be accessed online using a smartphone too. Users simply need to log into the system to report an issue. A video or photo related to the concern can accompany the request. Requesters have to identify the geographic location of the concern on the map provided in the system for the Denton police to follow up.

Online Inmate List

The department is progressive in its use of the online medium for the safety of its citizens. The department maintains an online inmate list, which is available on its website. The list specifies the inmate’s personal details and the crime and carries a photograph of the inmate.

The department is also active on social media.

Community Programs By the Denton Police

The department organizes a public safety training program, a premier program to be carried out by the city’s Fire, County Sheriff and Denton police departments. The program equips public safety officers with essential training that empowers them to safeguard the city’s citizens.

Officers are trained in a variety of subjects including servant leadership, crime scenes, firearm usage, crisis intervention, hostage negotiation, and collision investigation.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 17, 2022
Sensitive Information!