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Fayetteville Police Departments Information

Fayetteville Police Department was established over 200 years ago. Today, the Fayetteville Police boast of a force strength of 430 sworn officers and 180 civilian members. The Department consists of 3 policing districts and serves a population of more than 203, 948 people.

The city of Fayetteville Police Department stays well-connected online and offline to ensure highest standards of police services for the city. The Department employs mobile applications and social media networking to stay accessible to its citizens.

Fayetteville Police Department Address and Other Contact Information

  • The physical address of the Department’s office is:

467, Hay Street


North Carolina 28301

A list of contacts and physical addresses of Fayetteville police departments (divisions) is available here.

  • Emergency Phone Number: 911.

911 officers handle police as well as fire emergency calls. Citizens trying to access 911 services from an out-of-state location can reach the response team by calling 910 433 1925.

  • Non-Emergency Phone Number: 433 1529
  • Department Office Phone Contact: 910 433 1885
  • Citizens wanting to offer anonymous tips can call 483 8477 (TIPS)
  • Fayetteville Police Department Email: PDPIO@ci.fay.nc.us (Community Affairs Office)

City of Fayetteville Police Department
Crime Prevention

The Department has several ongoing Crime Prevention programs, including:

  • Free Business Surveys for Security Assessment- A Department officer surveys business premises to assess its security risks and suggests improvements. Businesses interested in getting a security check done can request for the service by filling an online form available here.
  • Local Business Collaborations for Greater Neighborhood Security – Businesses are encouraged to look after each other as a step toward crime reduction. Businesses alert each other in case they come across suspicious activities. In addition to local businesses, law enforcement agencies and other organizations with business interests pitch in to ensure security.
  • Patrol Training for City ResidentsFayetteville Police trains city residents volunteering for patrol duty. Such volunteers are equipped with equipment essential to connect with the police in the event of a crime.
  • Fayetteville Police invest efforts and resources in a range of other crime prevention programs that involve the police, community, businesses, professionals including architects, interior designers, landscape designers, and urban planners, to ensure crime prevention at every level, from next door neighborhood level to the entire community level.
  • Citizen Police Academy is another initiative by the Fayetteville Police to provide residents in-depth insights into the working of the police department. Interested citizens need to apply for enrolment. Program participants are given hands-on lessons regarding the operations of the police department.

Fayetteville Police Programs for Public Awareness About Crimes

The Department has several resources to educate residents and raise their awareness regarding crimes and their prevention.

  • Fayetteville Police offer access to a unique crime mapping service on its website. This Map can be used by citizens to obtain information regarding crimes within the city.
  • The Department collaborates with local law enforcement agencies and community-oriented non-profit organizations to provide assistance to domestic crime victims.

Police Services

In addition to its primary responsibility of law enforcement, Fayetteville Police offer other police services, including raising public awareness regarding crimes and crime prevention, and the following:

  • Assisting other law enforcement agencies in crime detection and prevention. Fayetteville Police worked in coordination with Crimestoppers Program for Cumberland and Fayetteville to establish crime profiles for unsolved homicides.
  • Providing access to police records that are public in nature in accordance with North Carolina’s law for access to public records. Citizens that want access to a police record can submit their requests online.
  • Registering alarms to reduce incidents of false alarms
  • Providing information on retrieval of towed vehicles. Those looking to recover their towed vehicles can contact the city of Fayetteville Police Department at 433 1530 for details.

Fayetteville Police
Fayetteville Police deals only with vehicles cleared from public areas.

  • Conducting an investigation into citizen complaints received against members of the police department. The Internal Affairs Unit is responsible for handling complaints as well as good feedback regarding members of the Police.

Citizens looking to file a complaint can do so either by mail or phone or can submit an online form.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 16, 2022
Sensitive Information!