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Fremont Police Departments Information

When the whole of the city sleeps, the policeman stays awake. The Fremont Police Department works non-stop day and night to keep the residents protected from crime. The chief of police in Fremont, Kimberly Peterson is assisted by his full team to keep the city clean of violence and reduce the crime rate. He also holds the post of internal affairs special investigator that helps him to solve high profile criminal cases quickly and efficiently. The Fremont Police in the city of California has created an efficient web interface through which citizens can register their complaints quickly and actions can be supervised by both the public and the patrol officers.

General Information- the team

The Fremont police departments have been divided into three awesome divisions namely:

  1. The patrol division is spearheaded by its captain Sean Washington. Both patrolling the streets and regulating traffic are a part of the patrol division. Cases related to street crime, court Liaisons and community operations namely mobile evaluation, red-light enforcement, etc. are handled by these officers. Upon command, the SWAT team is assembled and the fleet is always ready for any operation.
  2. Fred Bobbitt runs the Special operations division wherein special investigations are conducted for registered cases. The team has a special Southern Alameda major crimes task force that is designed to combat crimes such as murder, extortion, domestic violence, etc. The special operations division of the Fremont Police Department also comprises of community engagement public affairs volunteers as well.
  3. The administrative operations division headed by John Harnett manages paperwork, record management, and staff training. Also under this division, the tri-care animal shelter, driver’s training, technology, crime labs, property and evidence management, etc. sub divisions are organized so that the field officers of FPD are helped with a backhand task force.
Fremont Police Departments

Interesting activities

The Fremont police department has an animal services unit that manages an interesting community service named Tri-city animal shelter. The staff over takes care of injured animals and lost animals and also assures the local public is not affected by any animal carrying disease. These officers can be reached quickly online and they offer assistance for

  • Pet licensing
  • Pet permit requirements
  • Surrender or adopt animals
  • Report animal issues
  • Lost /found pet statistics
  • Volunteer work opportunities etc.

Also, the Fremont Police perform community activities and organize effective programs for public awareness. For example, they run a program called mission peak temporary parking permit program for residents to ease out their parking issues. They offer multiple other community services namely neighborhood crime watch, preschool visits, etc. through which the public can understand their community helpers closely.

Contact information

The Fremont Police Department address is:

2000, Stevenson Blvd, Fremont, CA 94538 USA

The Fremont Police Department phone numbers are:


Chief of Police- (510)- 790-6811

The other important phone numbers are listed here

They have social media handles on Facebook and Twitter as well. One can follow these handles and get updates from time to time

The Fremont Police Department Email inbox  can be reached through this webpage


City of Fremont Police

The Fremont Police department’s website can be reached at https://www.fremontpolice.org/

The home page is designed to update the latest news from the Police department and the drop-down menus discuss the following:

  1. Departments in the FPD (crime, traffic, felony, etc.)
  2. Divisions in the FPD(patrol division, traffic, investigation and administrative operations)
  3. Different programs in the offering (for eg. Alarm permit program, building bridges K9, Red light camera enforcement program, etc.)
  4. Different communities that are built to engage the public and build a good rapport between the police force and citizens)
  5. How to raise a complaint portal

There is an event calendar that is published to notify the public on what activity is up-coming in the city of California that involves the Fremont Police.

With a mission to provide public safety through professional law enforcement, the city of Fremont police department is trained to tackle any adverse situation and in case of emergency, they will work diligently and with full integrity, professionalism thereby continuing their tradition of excellence.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on October 28, 2021
Sensitive Information!