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Grand Rapids Police Departments Information

The Grand Rapids Police Departments handles law enforcement activities in the city of Grand Rapids in the state of Michigan.

About the Grand Rapids Police Department

The jurisdiction of the City of Grand Rapids Police Department is in the city of Grand Rapids that is the second-largest city in Michigan. The city has an area of 44.43 square miles and has a population of 200,217.

The Grand Rapids Police is managed under the overall supervision of the City Council. The head of the department is the Chief of Grand Rapids Police. The Chief of Police in the city at present is Eric Payne. There are a total of 295 sworn officers doing law enforcement and 64 non-sworn staff helping them in their work.

The Grand Rapids Police Department Address is:

1 Monroe Center, NW,

Grand Rapids 49503.

For any emergency, 911 has to be dialed. (616) 456 3400 is the phone number of the department to be dialed to contact the department.

The Grand Rapids Police Department Email addresses are:

[email protected] is the email to contact the crime prevention

[email protected] to be mailed for any general questions

The Grand Rapids Police Department’s website is https://www.grandrapidsmi.gov/Government/Departments/Police-Department

Grand Rapids Police Departments

Grand Rapids Police Department Organization

The Police Chief is the head of the Grand Rapids police department. He is assisted by two Deputy police chiefs. Investigative, Support Services, Records, Research, and Community engagement divisions are under one Deputy Chief. The other deputy chief oversees the patrol special response, traffic, and special events' divisions. The Internal Affairs division is directly under the Chief.

The Investigation Division has various units that are headed by Lieutenants. These units include:

Vice unit, which handles narcotics.

Detective Unit, which handles cases.

Forensic Services Unit, which has crime technicians headed by a Forensic manager and processes forensic evidence.

The Support Services Division has a Training Unit that manages staff training and a communication bureau that manage the communication channels

The Records and Technology division manages records and background checks. The Traffic unit is responsible for traffic control in the city. The Special response team is formed to manage emergencies. The K9 unit supports investigations.

Internal Affairs Division handles complaints against department staff.

For managing police operations in the city effectively, the entire city has been divided into five geographical areas – West service area, North service area, Central service area, South service area, and East service area. Each of the service areas is headed by a Captain. Patrol Sergeants, Patrol Officers, and Community Policing officers work under the captain.

Grand Rapids Police Department Email
Grand Rapids Police Department Crime Reporting

Crimes can be reported by calling 911 if there is an emergency. Online reporting of crimes can be done for five types of crimes, they are:

  • Gas drive off
  • Blank Phone calls or harassment calls
  • Theft either from a vehicle or from a home
  • Vandalism

Online reports can be filed by visiting https://grpdreporting.grand-rapids.mi.us/fmi/webd?homeurl=https://grpdreporting.grand-rapids.mi.us/#GRPD_Web

Residents can call the police to report any crime or even visit the police station.

Grand Rapids Police Department Community Initiatives

The department has many initiatives to work with the community for effective law enforcement. These initiatives include:

  • Volunteer and Neighborhood services program, which a group of volunteers to handle neighborhood watches, parking violations, housing code violation, and other such minor issues.
  • Citizen Police Academy conducts a 10-week course for citizens to educate them about law enforcement activities.
  • Prison re-entry and support program at the state level to handle re-entry of released prisoners.
  • Police Explorer helps youngsters of 14 to 20 understand about careers in law enforcement.
  • Onbase program connects to youth to build a relationship with them.
  • You are not alone and Vacating house check services are offered by the police to check on seniors staying by themselves and on houses when owners are on vacation.

Grand Rapids Crime Statistics

A total of 44,918 violent crimes in Michigan were reported in 2018. These included 551 homicides, down 3.2% from 2017; 7,690 rapes, up 8.2%; 5,656 armed robberies, down 13%; and 31,021 cases of felonious assault, up 1.1%. The trend for property crimes in Michigan on the other hand, was down from previous years, with a final count at 165,280. This included 116,178 thefts, down 6.6%; 31,651 burglaries, down 11.7%; and 17,451 motor-vehicle theft, down 10.9%.

Grand Rapids in Kent County had 1,313 violent crimes reported to local police in 2018. Based on a population of 200,428, that's a rate of 6.6 per 1,000 residents. On property crimes, 3,830 offenses were reported, a rate of 19.1 per 1,000 residents. These numbers put Grand Rapids relatively high on the list of violent cities when compared to the overall crime rate of the state of Michigan, standing at 4.50 per 1000 residents for violent crimes, and 18.00 per 1000 residents for property crimes.

Overall, the United States has become a far safer country in recent decades, but there is still work to be done to drive these numbers down.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 6, 2022
Sensitive Information!