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Hayward Police Department Information

The City of Hayward Police Department, located in Hayward, California, has always been committed to bringing out the best in the county and its people. The police department of Hayward is committed to lessening the levels of crime in the city, by involving the public through a problem solving and data driven policing policy.

The Hayward Police has the following objectives in serving the people of Hayward:

  • Knowing that in the end, the goal of the police is to always help those in assistance
  • Doing police work which is investigative, preventive, and enforced.
  • Enlisting the help of the community and the obtaining citizen satisfaction through the means of skills and training programs
  • Understanding that the police department cannot minimize or wipe out crime. What they can do, in fact, is act in tandem with the community to help understand instances of upcoming crime, and try to increase the safety of the citizens of the city.

Hayward Police Departments

Hayward Police Department Programs and Services

  • Police Station Tour: Through a police station tour, citizens can view the workings of a police station from the inside and understand how the organization responsible for the working of their city actually works.
  • Neighborhood Alert: The neighborhood alert is for all those people who are interested in keeping the crime levels of their neighborhoods and surrounding areas to a minimum. In this program, volunteers patrol the roads of their neighborhood every night. The can immediately contact the Hayward Police if they view any signs of untoward incidents taking place.
  • Request copies of police reports: Citizens can request copies of police reports and complaints which are filed by completing and submitting a Request for Police Report. Different reports have different fees and charges attached. Depending on the sensitivity of the cases, some reports may not be released in their full form. In addition, some reports may not be released at all.
  • Child, Youth, and Family Counselling: The police department of Hayward works in tandem with experienced counselors to understand the issues that enable an individual to act the way they do. The main focus is always given to family counseling, especially in matters relating to juvenile crimes and child abuse. Even though counselors work with Police Officers, all counseling sessions are always confidential.
  • Compliment an Officer: Under this, citizens are encouraged to speak out for an officer who has helped them in one way or another. Through this, officers are given the due recognition that they deserve. In addition, people also understand those police officers are a far cry from the negative image that they are usually portrayed in.
  • Adopt an Animal: People should be generally encouraged to adopt a new pet, instead of buying one who has been bred especially for selling. Adopted pets generally come from abused homes and are often rescued by police officers. Adopting an animal is a rewarding experience for both you and your new pet. You gain a new friend, and they are moved from an abused home to one that will care for and love them wholeheartedly.

Hayward Police Department Email

Hayward Police Department Address

300 W, Winton Avenue, Hayward 94544

Hayward Police Department Phone Number

For any emergencies, please contact 911. For any non-emergency related issue, contact the Hayward Police at (510) 293- 7000 (dispatch) or at (510) 293- 7272 (records)

Hayward Police Department Website


Hayward Police Department Email

The Hayward Police does not have a single department email id. The different unit email ids are listed below:

  • Crime prevention and Neighborhood watch: HaywardPDCPU@hayward-ca.gov
  • School Resource: HaywardPDSRO@hayward-ca.gov
  • Internal Affairs: HaywardPDIA@hayward-ca.gov
  • Investigations Bureau: HaywardPDtips@hayward-ca.gov
  • Narcotics: HaywardPDNarcs@hayward-ca.gov
  • Gang Activity: HaywardPDGang@hayward-ca.gov
  • Traffic Enforcement: HaywardPDTraffic@hayward-ca.gov

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 17, 2022
Sensitive Information!