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Hialeah Police Departments Information

The Hialeah Police Departments is the agency that handles law enforcement activities in the city of Hialeah, located in Miami-Dade County in the state of Florida.

About the Hialeah City Police Department

The City of Hialeah Police Department has jurisdiction over the city that has a population of 238,942 and has a physical area of 55.62 square miles. It is a part of the Miami metropolitan area.

The Chief of Police heads the Hialeah Police Department in the city. The present incumbent is Chief Sergio Velazquez. The department works under the city council and works closely with the Miami-Dade Police Department. There are more than 300 police officers working in the city. 150 civilians also work in the department.

The Hialeah Police Department Address is:

5555 E 8th Avenue,

Hialeah, FL 33013.

For emergencies, the department can be contacted by calling 911. For non-emergencies, citizens can call (305) 687 2525.

The Hialeah Police Department Email address of the Public Information officer is shared, the mail ID is erodriguez@hialeahfl.gov

The Hialeah Police Department’s website is https://www.hialeahfl.gov/267/Police 

Hialeah City Police Departments
Hialeah City Police Department Organization

The Hialeah city police department is headed by the Chief of Police. The Chief is assisted by four officers of the rank of Majors, who head the divisions in the department. The divisions and sections of the department are:

· Uniform Patrol Division: This division handles patrol within the city. The city is divided into five districts for effective patrol operations. Each district is managed by a Commander.

· Criminal Investigation Division (CID): This division is responsible for investigating all crimes in the city. There are three sections headed by Lieutenants. The sections are:
  • Crimes against person section that has a homicide unit and a robbery unit.
  • Crimes against property unit that has an auto theft unit, burglary unit, economic crimes unit, and pawnshop unit.
  • Family / Juvenile section that deals with juveniles and have a special victims section.
Crime Suppression section is headed by a Commander. It has the following units - 
  • SWAT
  • Community Enforcement
  • Community Response
  • K9
  • Motor
  • Traffic homicide

    City of Hialeah City Police

Hialeah City Police Department Crime Stoppers

Crime Stoppers service is offered by the department in association with the Miami-Dade police. It has a separate website accessible from https://www.crimestoppersmiami.com/

The website can be used to submit a tip to the department to help them solve crimes and prevent crimes. Tips can be submitted online or by phone. There is even an app that can be used by mobile users to submit tips. Submitting tips can lead to rewards from the police.

Hialeah City Police Department Services

The department provides a number of services. It must be noted that background checks are conducted for those joining the department. However, the department does not conduct background checks for the public.

Public records can be requested from the department by submitting an application to the office of the city clerk with details of the documents required, reasons, etc.

The department gives a lot of importance in educating the public about crimes. The department’s aim is to reduce crime, prevent crime, and make the city safe for members of the public. There are various safety tips offered to the public to help them stay safe. These safety tips can help in crime prevention. There are safety tips for vehicle owners to ensure vehicle security. Police burglary tips are available as well as tips for pedestrians. These tips can be downloaded from https://www.hialeahfl.gov/351/Safety-Tips

Those citizens going on a vacation can request for a vacation patrol request. Once they make their request, patrol teams will make random visits to the house to ensure that no crime occurs in the absence of the owners.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 25, 2022
Sensitive Information!