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How to Find Death Records in Maryland?

Keeping a repository of deaths in the respective jurisdiction is one of the most important functions of a government. It helps people to get access to records of the death of their near and dear ones. It may also prove to be helpful for law enforcement agencies in the course of an investigation. The death record may be a vital piece of evidence that could serve as the final jigsaw in the puzzle.

In most states in the United States, death records are public and are quite easy to procure. This includes the State of Maryland. Public death records in Maryland are available, but as with other states, it can only be procured by the next of kin, or some other persons as may be specified. The State of Maryland also allows for fetal death certificates. There are various ways in which one can obtain death records in Maryland, they are given as follows.

How to Find Death Records in Maryland

The State of Maryland issues death certificates for those who died after the year of 1969. If someone wants a certificate of death before that then a visit to the State archives is mandatory. The following people are eligible for obtaining a death certificate; a surviving relative or a representative that had been authorized by the accused, a funeral director who was involved in the disposition of the body can also apply for death certificates, a court of law or a person who has a legal need.

How to Find Death Records in Maryland?

An applicant would have to provide a government-issued photo-ID which has clearly marked to and from expiration dates. This is vital for same-day service as the administration is quickly able to authenticate the identity of the applicant. For people that do not have a valid photo-ID, they must provide 2 different pieces of alternate documentation, and they must contain the current mailing address. Acceptable documents are; a pay stub, statement by the bank, utility bill, income tax return, lease/rental agreement, car registration, and/or letter from a government agency requesting a vital record.

Some additional documents may also be required in certain circumstances. A letter of authorization is required for someone who had been authorized by the deceased. If it is about matters of insurance, then it may be required for the individual to produce a deed of some sort, depending on the exact requirement.

The fee for obtaining such a certificate depends on how the certificate has been ordered. It may be ordered over the phone, online, by mail or in person. The fee structure varies accordingly For more information on the fees required, you may check out this website. Further details of the various processes are given below:

Maryland Death Records

  • By Mail

One has to download the application and print it out and mail it to the address mentioned. It can be downloaded in a word format or a PDF format. It also has an option for the Spanish language. Fetal death certificates can also be obtained in the same manner. Applicants can download the link from here. The mailing address is as follows:

Division of Vital Records,

P.O. Box 68760,

Baltimore, MD 21215-0036

  • Online

Maryland also has the facility of online death records. Maryland online death records can be procured at the following website.

  • By Phone

For obtaining death records by phone, one has to place a call at 410-764-3038.

  • In-Person

As mentioned above, one can obtain death records in person by applying at a specified center with the above mentioned required photo ID proofs and procedures. One can apply in person at the address mentioned below:

6764B Reisterstown Road, Baltimore, Maryland 21215.

The processing time required differs from the different ways in which one applies for a death certificate. A detailed overview is given on this website.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on October 25, 2021
Sensitive Information!