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Huntsville Police Departments Information

The Huntsville Police Departments is one of the most diligent departments in the city of Huntsville, Alabama. Every officer in this team is earnest and law-abiding. Along with their regular duty of patrolling and solving cases, the police officers of Huntsville exhibit courage and valor in protecting the life of street animals, children and elders in the city from criminals and miscreants. The city police department has employed able officers who have experience in law and order, crime control, forensics, human psychology, and arms training. The officers are mostly from the rocket city itself and hence they carry extra pride and work with additional responsibility in order to provide security for their community.

Huntsville Police Department General Information

The city of Huntsville Police Department provides the highest degree of protection to its fellow residents. Whether to protect the fundamental constitutional rights of every citizen or to solve a criminal case with zero bias- the Huntsville Police do not have the slightest fear. The entire team of officers exhibits courage, integrity, and professionalism when they handle cases. The organizational chart of the HPD is as follows

  1. There are two deputy chief of police namely Kirk Giles and Corey Harris.
  2. Under these deputies, the precinct supervisors report and perform their duty. There are three precincts and a special operations division for handling the city’s safety
  3. There is a training division wherein newly inducted officers are trained
  4. The administrative team manages recruits, leaves and also promotions to staff

The chief of police is responsible for managing both policing tasks and also backend operations.

Huntsville  Police Departments

Huntsville Police Department Contact Information

The Huntsville police department address is:

Mark McMurray

Chief of police

Huntsville City Hall

308 Fountain circle


Alabama 35801

Phone number:


For other departments and divisions contact, please click here

Public safety is primordial for the Huntsville police department. Whenever there is any emergency requirement the public can reach out to the citizen advisory council using the Huntsville Police department Email address that is mentioned in the administration page of the website.

Huntsville Police Department Website

In today’s tech-savvy world, social media presence is very much important. The Huntsville police department to has an attractive website wherein the latest news and updates are instantly published for the people’s best interest. The website can be reached at


The landing page has various links to residents community programs, environment safety programs, business development programs, how to find a job in Huntsville police department, how to raise an emergency or non-emergency complaints, etc. Also, the Huntsville police can be found in social media namely YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

City of Huntsville Police Department

Huntsville Police Department Interesting activities

There are so many interesting activities that the Huntsville police department officers and the citizens perform together. By building this rapport, the community helpers learn their community and their requirement closely. Some of the communities policing activities that have been very popular among the residents are

  • Pet protection and street animal rescue
  • Plant trees and save environment program
  • Street gang criminal activities monitoring using body camera
  • Alarm Registration and renewal
  • Rental properties are made crime-free under the blue star program
  • Citizen police academy wherein youth are trained in public awareness and self-defense
  • Memorial services for martyrs
  • Creating a neighborhood resource activity center
  • Learning program for underprivileged
  • Explaining the difference between abuse and criminal imposition                                

With so many active officers and a public who wish to take part in helping their city to be crime-free, the city of Huntsville stands as an example for other police departments across the United States of America

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 10, 2022
Sensitive Information!