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How to Find Public Police Records in the State of Idaho?

In the state of Idaho, the Idaho Police Bureau of Investigation collates and inventories all police records accessible by the public. Information is sent in by criminal justice agencies all over the state, and are stored in the Bureau for further use.

This inventory also serves as an individual's criminal history, also known as their 'rap sheet.' You can avail of public police records in the state online.

To access the records, visit https://www.cityofboise.org/departments/police/police-public-records-request/. You have the option of copying or examining records. Fill out the form completely with your personal details such as your full name, zip code, address, and phone number.

What is contained in a Police Record?

The public police records of Idaho include many details about a convicted individual, including their:

  • Full name and known aliases
  • Addresses, whether past or current
  • Mugshot or photograph
  • Date of birth
  • Arrest history
  • Charges, including pending, acquitted and convicted ones
  • Warrants, past and current
Idaho Police Records

You cannot access records that hold public or sensitive information. These include:

  • Information relevant only to law enforcement officials
  • The medical details of the convict
  • The geographical details of the convict
  • Financial information of the convict
  • Employment or personnel information of the convict
  • Juvenile records
  • Records of investigation

Criminal Records

Criminal records fall under the purview of public police records and can thus be accessed by anyone who is not exempt from doing so by law. In a criminal record, you get information that chronicles the following:

  • The state or county where the individual was arrested
  • The last known location of the offender if they are released
  • Details of the arrest
  • The duration of the arrest
  • Their contact information

All records of criminal history are maintained by the Bureau of Criminal Identification, Idaho State Police. You can also access a 'rap sheet' of the convict. This includes all information pertaining to their conviction, crime, disposition, and dismissal. The rap sheet also includes the following arrest history:

  • The date of the arrest
  • The arresting agency
  • The arresting officer
  • The case number
  • Where the convict was located
  • The number of counts the convict had prior to getting arrested
  • Whether they have been convicted for a misdemeanor or a felony
Idaho Public police Records

Sex Offender listing

You can access the list of sexual offenders from a listing maintained by the Idaho Police Bureau of Investigation. The law of Idaho requires that all sex offenders register their conviction and arrest records for past sexual crime convictions. These listings help identify offenders on the basis of:

  • Their full name
  • Their date of birth and age
  • The location where they currently live
  • Their residence
  • The sexual crime that convicted them

Sexual offender listings are available to the public. You can easily identify convicts who have committed a felony such as rape and pedophilia, among others. Additionally, these listings also include information regarding the registration and probation conditions of the offenders and the requirements they need to follow to lie in society. Non-compliant offenders can get arrested again.

Who can access Public Police Records?

According to the state record laws of Idaho, police records fall under the purview of public records and can be accessed by anyone, except in the case of certain exemptions by law. If you want to access information that is not generally available to the public, you have to contact the Courts directly. Additionally, state and county law enforcement agencies may have confidential information on a convict. if you need those records, you have to contact the website of the agency or the county to check whether they allow access to public police records online. If they do not, you may have to request the records in-person.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 16, 2022
Sensitive Information!