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Irving Police Departments Information

The city of Irving Police Department is based in Irving, Texas. This town is situated between Fort Worth and Dallas. This town boasts as the home to several national and international headquarters for large corporations. People may access Irving through four major interstate or state highways.

The Irving Police Department address is located in the city of Irving in Texas, on 825 West Irving Boulevard. The IPD is dedicated to four strategies. These are:

- to decrease disorder and crime by implementing proactive approaches

- building effective community partnerships

- improving motorist safety

- increasing operational efficiency

Jeff Spivey is the current Chief of Police at the Irving Police Department. He was sworn in as the new Chief on March 25, 2017. Spivey has over thirty years of law enforcement experience under his belt. Spivey began his service with the Irving Police Department in 1986 in the role of Public Service Officer.

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Citizens willing to get in touch with Chief Spivey may do so either by:

Telephone- (972) 721-2598

Email- jspivey@cityofirving.org

The IPD consists of 542 employees; all of whom are committed to providing community-based policing to all the residents of Irving.

The Irving Police Department has 8 divisions. These are:

1. Animal Services- includes pet adoption, lost, and found pets, pet fostering, enforcement, and resources such as dealing with rabies, and bites, microchipping, etc.

2. Community Services- a whole host of community-oriented programs such as school crossing guard, traffic unit, youth programs, crime prevention unit, school resource unit, mental health response team, Irving Police Athletic League, and Banquet, etc.

3. Criminal Investigations- Victim Services unit, Economic Crimes unit, Sex Offenders, Domestic Violence unit, auto pound, vice and narcotics, counseling services, property crimes, burglary unit

4. Detention & Evidence- Irving City Jail, Property, and Evidence section, Forensics investigations

5. Patrol- This is divided into the North and South Patrol Divisions. Together there are 7 separate sections which include the K9 unit, North Patrol, Tactical Unit, Unmanned Aerial Surveillance Team, South Patrol, Fleet Maintenance, and Gangs and Fugitive Unit.

6. Professional Standard Units- This unit enables citizens and other law enforcement personnel give commendations and compliments or raise complaints and concerns about the Irving Police Departments.

7. Technical Services- This division handles aspects such as communication, personnel & training, records.

8. Training Academy- The Irving Police Training Academy is a 22,772 square foot facility dedicated to training future police officers. The institution first opened its doors in 1988. This training Irving Police training Academy is located at 2603 Esters Road, in Irving Texas.

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Citizens can access several online features offered by IPD. These include:

  1. Applying for a Solicitor’s Permit
  2. Filing a Report for different types of crime, i.e. domestic violence, speeding, economic crimes, etc.
  3. Sex Offender Registry
  4. Education Opportunities for Citizens such as Attacker/Active Shooter Training, Criminial justice classes, safety education, civilian observation, child safety seat and rape aggression defense systems.
  5. Medication Disposal Program
  6. Applying for a Special Event Permit
  7. Exchange Zone
  8. Obtaining an Accident Report

To contact the IPD directly:

Phone- (972) 721-2600

Irving Police Department Email –

IPD Web URL: https://www.cityofirving.org/662/Police

Crime Statistics for 2018 in Irving, Texas

Listed below are figures for different types of crimes that occurred in 2018 within Irving.

Homicide- 10



Aggravated Assault- 231

Burglary- 712

Motor Vehicle Theft- 720

Theft- 4,327

Of these crimes, homicide, rape and motor vehicle thefts increased in 2018, whereas the other crimes decreased. Theft is the most common crime reported to the IPD.

You can support the IPD directly by becoming a volunteer in either the police department or the Police Academy.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 17, 2022
Sensitive Information!