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Little Rock Police Departments Information

The Little Rock Police Departments handles law enforcement in the city of Little Rock, which is the county seat of Pulaski County in the state of Arkansas.

About the Little Rock Police Department

The City of Little Rock Police Department has a jurisdiction over a total area of 116.8 square miles in a city with a population of 197,881. Little Rock is the capital of Arkansas and is its most populous city.

The Little Rock Police Department is headed by the Chief of Police. The present police chief is Chief Keith Humphrey. 525 law enforcement officers and 114 civilian staff work in the police department. The department was established in the year 1832.

The Little Rock Police Department Address is:

500 W Markham Street

Little Rock AR 72201

The phone number to contact the department is (501) 371 4510. In case of an emergency, residents can call 911 for immediate assistance.

The Little Rock Police Department Email address is [email protected] The email address of the Chief of Police is [email protected]

The Little Rock Police Department’s website is https://www.littlerock.gov/for-residents/police-department/

Little Rock Police Departments

Little Rock Police Department Organization

The Chief of Police is overall responsible for department operations and is helped by an Assistant Chief. Captains manage the bureaus/divisions in the department. They are assisted by Lieutenants. Sergeants and Officers carry out operational work related to the department.

The department has the following structure:

  • The Executive Bureau handles communications, including the dispatch section. It also has a training division and manages headquarters operations.
  • The Investigative Bureau is responsible for records and support to operational teams. It also runs the Major crimes division that investigates serious crimes in the city. It also has a Special Investigation division.
  • Field Services Bureau handles all field related work and has a special operations division. The patrol division is responsible for patrols in the city. There are two patrol units, Northwest and Southwest.
  • Internal Affairs handles complaints against staff.
City of Little Rock Police Department

Joining the Little Rock Police Department

Recruitment, as well as training of new police officers, is done by the Training Division. A recruiting hotline has been created to help those seeking a career in law enforcement to get more details. The number to contact is (501) 375 5773. One can also visit the recruitment Facebook page to understand the procedure followed for recruitment, eligibility, vacancies, and other such information. The link to the page is https://www.facebook.com/Little-Rock-Police-Department-Recruitment-Team-1120617178067354/


The department offers many programs to work with the public and improve law enforcement in the city. Some of the programs conducted are:

  • OK (Our Kids) Program, is meant for Afro-American kids aged 12 to 18 years. The programs bring together youth, pastors, and officers so that the kids can be mentored. The objective is to raise the standards of excellence and prevent crime.
  • GEMS (Girls Empowered by Mentoring Sisterhood), is a program for girls aged 12 to 18 years. The program aims to inculcate life skills and empower girls. Encouraging academic performance, character building, and self-defense training are elements of this program.
  • Police Youth Camp, is for pre-teens from 10 to 12 years. A 4-night camp is organized to help young people understand the work of police and sensitize them to crime prevention. Various athletic and educational activities are conducted at this camp.
  • Neighborhood watch is a program to prevent crimes in the neighborhood. It involves building a partnership between police and neighborhoods to help them spot suspicious activity and report them to prevent crimes. The department is a member of the National Crime Prevention Coalition of America.
  • Children safety programs are also conducted by the department and information material on making kids safer is disseminated by the department.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 6, 2022
Sensitive Information!