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Los Angeles Police Departments Information

The Los Angeles Police Department, popularly abbreviated as LAPD was originally formed during the year 1869. Formally addressed as the City of Los Angeles Police Department, LAPD is the police force of Los Angeles (LA), California. Regarded as the third-largest municipal police department in the United States of America, LAPD comprises of 9,988 policemen and 2,869 civilian staff. Los Angeles Police Department or LAPD is a celebrated name as it has been fictionalized across movies, televisions shows, and novels.

The mission of the Los Angeles Police Department:

The principal mission of the Los Angeles Police Department is to ensure public safety, to guard the people and property of Los Angeles, to cut down the law-breaking and to work with diverse communities of the city in improving the quality of life. The Los Angeles Police Department strives to execute the police duties with honor and integrity while maintaining the highest ethical standards possible. The police officers of the LAPD are highly trained, specialized and have the expertise and talent in identifying and reducing menaces to the people of the City of the Angels.

Specialized Units of Los Angeles Police Department

S.W.A.T. (Special Weapons and Tactics)

The S.W.A.T. specialized unit is a far-famed police unit and is regarded as one of the world-class police force in modern-day law enforcement. S.W.A.T. unit executes its duties on appeal from the Incident Commander (IC) to block off/hostage situations, suicide threatening and lead up high-risk arrant service across Los Angeles police departments.

K-9 Unit

Los Angeles Police Department's K-9 Unit offers critical support for detective and field operations across the city on a 24/7 basis. The special platoon also attends to emergency calls involving officers who ask for assistance or back-up calls.

 Los Angeles

LAPD’s Off-Road unit generally patrols over 200 miles of the terrains that environ the city of Los Angeles. This specialized unit comprises of supervisors and officers who patrol and conduct felonious investigations that they may come across.

Mounted Unit

This is a full-time platoon that comprises of police officers, sergeants, and lieutenant and executes field duties which include crime suppression, crowd management, and public demonstrations.

Special Operations Support Division

The Special Operations Support Division primarily comprises of Gang Support Section and Traffic Coordination Section. This special police division principally provides fact-finding expertise and also collaborate with diverse communities and other constabulary sections of the LAPD to safeguard public.

Air Support Division

LAPD's Air Support Division (ASD) is regarded as the most prominent municipal airborne police enforcement division in the globe and has the largest roof-top helipad in the United States of America. The ASD offers vital airborne real-time information services that come handy in safeguarding public as well as police officers.

Art Theft Detail

This unit is the only full-time law enforcement unit that is dedicated to crimes involving fine art in the country. The Art Theft unit deals with investigations related to larcenies, burglaries, counterfeits, duperies and forgeries of fine art.

Animal Cruelty Task Force

LAPD's Animal Cruelty Task Force (ACTF) looks into animal cruelty, animal abuse, zooerasty, cockfighting, and dogfighting that bechances in the city of Los Angeles.

Gang and Narcotics Division

LAPD's Gang and Narcotics Division (GND) exercises a collaborative strategy in enforcing the law to fight gang violence, firearm trafficking, and manufacturing, transportation, sale and use of illicit drugs.

Specialized Enforcement Section (Motors & Commercial Enforcement)

This special-purpose law enforcement unit is responsible for an infinite number of motor-related police duties considered as vital by the Los Angeles Police Department. The unit comprises of motorcycle lieutenant, motorcycle sergeant, and motorcycle officers.

 Los Angeles Police

Los Angeles Police Department Contact Information

Los Angeles Police Department Address (Headquarters)

100 West 1st Street Room

Los Angeles, CA 90012

http://www.lapdonline.org/ - LAPD's Official Website

Los Angeles Police Department Email: contact.lapdonline@gmail.com

LAPD's Life-Threatening Emergency Phone Number


(Voice and TDD/TTY)

http://www.lapdonline.org/contact_us/content_basic_view/1795 - for Non-Emergency Crime Reporting & Hotlines

For Terrorist Threats





(Voice and TDD/TTY)

For Non-Emergency Police Response

Click here for general information or assistance, visit your local Community Police Station at any of the Los Angeles' 21 geographic areas.

Click here to Submit a Crime Tip to the Los Angeles Police Department

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 9, 2022
Sensitive Information!