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Mesquite Police Department Information

The Mesquite Police Department provides public safety services to the citizens of Mesquite in Texas. The Mesquite Police considers community partnership to be a core part of their work philosophy. Ask for from ensuring that law and order are maintained within the city's premises, the department both hosts and provides services for programs that are working to enable peace and prosperity in Mesquite.

About the Mesquite Police Department

The City of Mesquite Police Department not only provides safety and security to all citizens and visitors of Mesquite but also provides various programs that enable the community to better understand, interact, and engage with public safety services.

The police department is responsible for patrolling their jurisdiction, ensuring that traffic flows smoothly, ensuring that criminal activity is curtailed, and investigating and addressing instances where crimes have taken place.

Mesquite Police Departments

Contacting the Mesquite Police Department

The Mesquite Police Department can be reached in a variety of ways, depending on your convenience, who you want to contact, and how urgently you need a reply.

For any emergency-related services, you must dial 911. All other ways of contacting the police department are regularly monitored but not constantly. In order to ensure that you receive help as and when you need it, you must dial for emergency services at 911.

For non-emergency related scenarios, you can call the Mesquite Police Department at 972-216-6228. You can also contact the police department by visiting their headquarters in person, or by sending a mail to their address. The address of the Mesquite Police Department is:

Mesquite Police Department

777N Galloway Avenue

P.O. Box 850137

Mesquite, Texas 75149

City of Mesquite Police Department
Website and Social Media of the Mesquite Police Department

The official website of the Mesquite Police Department provides information on the department, alongside information on their various community outreach programs. Reaching out to the people of the city is a core part of the department's approach to fighting crime and ensuring that the city is well protected.

The department encourages Neighborhood Crime Watches. You can find information on how to either join your Neighborhood Crime Watch, or if your area does not have one, you can work together with the department to start one for your neighborhood.

There is also a Citizen's Police Academy that runs courses every year. The aim of the course is to better educate the people of Mesquite on how the police department operates and how they can better keep themselves, and their community safe. The course runs for twelve weeks, once a week, three hours of classes each.

You can also make use of their Serial Number Central. This is a unique feature that allows you to keep a track of your valuables by inputting its serial number into an account that you can make through this website. Valuable items like phones, laptops, and even cars can get stolen and people do not always remember to keep a record of their serial numbers. These serial numbers make it easier for the police to later track your valuables if they get lost. This service allows you to record the serial numbers of your valuables with the police, as a preventative measure, in case they ever get lost.

The department also runs various crime prevention programs and collaborates with all the elementary schools to educate the youth, and anyone interested in how to keep the community and themselves, safe and protected at all times. It also helps as a way to engage with the police and improve the community and police relationships. In this way, community interaction with the police helps to keep Mesquite safer for everyone.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 25, 2022
Sensitive Information!