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Milwaukee Police Departments Information

The Milwaukee Police Departments is the law enforcement agency in the city of Milwaukee, the seat of Milwaukee County in the state of Wisconsin.

About the Milwaukee Police Department

The City of Milwaukee Police Department has jurisdiction of a total area of 96.19 square miles. The department is responsible for law enforcement in the city that has a population of 594,511. It is the largest city in the state of Wisconsin and the fifth-largest in the mid-western USA.

The Police Chief is overall in charge of the Milwaukee Police Department. The department works under the Milwaukee city council. Chief Alfonso Morales is the head of the police. The department is accredited by WILEAG. There are 1,868 sworn officers working in the department.

The Milwaukee Police Department Address of the headquarters is:

749 W State Street

Milwaukee WI 53233.

In case of emergencies, citizens can call 911 for immediate assistance. For any non-emergency, citizens can call (414) 933 4444.

The Milwaukee Police Department Email address is not shared but the department can be connected with online through Facebook on https://www.facebook.com/milwaukeepolice/

The Milwaukee Police Department’s website is https://city.milwaukee.gov/police#.XYoirmbhVPY

Milwaukee Police Departments
Milwaukee Police Department Organization

The Chief of Police heads the Milwaukee police department. There are Assistant Chiefs who help the Chief in his operations and they head the three bureaus in the department. The Chief’s office has teams to handle Executive protection, Budget and finances, Public relations, and Management analysis & planning.

The bureaus and divisions in the department are as follows:

1. Neighborhood Patrol Bureau: The bureau is responsible for patrol operations in the city, for policing, and to ensure crime prevention. An inspector helps the Assistant Chief in managing the bureau. For operational purposes, the entire city has been divided into seven districts, each of which is headed by a Captain.

2. Investigations and Intelligence Bureau: All crimes in the city are investigated by this bureau. Intelligence support is also provided by the bureau. An inspector heads the investigations and intelligence function. The following are the divisions within this bureau, each of which is headed by a Captain:
  • South Investigations
  • North Investigations
  • Metropolitan Investigations
  • Sensitive Crimes
  • Narcotics
  • Investigative Management
  • Intelligence Fusion
  • Project Safe Neighborhood

The Risk Management Bureau is headed by a Captain who is assisted by an Inspector. Staff and Line is a separate division headed by an inspector and handles all staff-related matters. The bureau has the following divisions:
  • Internal affairs
  • Inspections
  • Police Academy for training
  • Human resources
  • Community outreach and education
  • Technical communications
  • Property control
  • Facilities services
  • Police information systems services
  • Records management
  • Open records
  • Early intervention program

Community outreach

The department reaches out to the community to work with them to make the city safe and to prevent crime. There are many initiatives and programs that the department offers:

  • Park walks, where officers visit parks and other public places to ensure safety.
  • Bus checks to ensure safety in public transport.
  • Business checks help to ensure the safety of businesses.
  • Citizen contact program where interaction between police and citizens is organized.
  • Citizen Academy is where training on police operations are offered for the public. A short course is offered where anyone above 18 years can attend the academy and be trained.
  • Kids activities are organized by the department to interact with school kids. Shopping with cops, kids and cops in costumes are some events offered.
  • Robbery prevention training trains citizens on preventing robberies.
  • Police Explorers is open for kids above 14 to help them understand about careers in law enforcement.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 18, 2022
Sensitive Information!