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Miramar Police Departments Information

Valor and determination is the biggest asset of a police officer. In a city like Miramar that has a population of 140 million, crimes are bound to happen. To control the crime occurrence rate and to assure the citizens of Miramar are living peacefully and happily, Miramar Police Departments takes extra effort to work around the clock and deliver their best. There are around 220 officers in MPD and citizen advisory council members who work together to improve the happiness quotient of Miramar citizens. Along with planning interesting activities to engage public like community policing and environment protection schemes, the Miramar Police follows local, state and federal laws impartially while investigating cases handling charge sheets.

General Information

The Miramar Police Department’s chief of police is Dexter M Williams. He and his team are constantly working on improving the quality of life of the residents of Miramar every day. He has full control of the operations, administrations, investigation and traffic departments of the MPD. The emergency task force is assembled at-need and cases that include risk of life are solved quickly with the help of advanced combat techniques. Every police officer in MPD is well versed in law and aims in protecting the fundamental rights of the residents of Miramar.

Mirmar Police Department
Contact Information

The Miramar Police Department Address is 2300 Civic Center Place, Miramar, Florida 33025.

Phone number:

911 for emergency


Operating hours:

Monday to Thursday 7 AM to 6 PM

The Miramar Police Department Email Inbox can be reached from the


page of the MPD website.


The website of the Miramar police force is well designed and very much user-friendly. You may check it here https://www.miramarpd.org. The landing page has links to all the immediate web pages needed by the user. The Miramar police department’s emergency contact number is 911. This website has natural language translation support and one can view the contents of the website in their native language. The MPD also has social media audience, and this website links to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube handles on the top right corner. If residents wish to check the criminal record of any accused or check the number of solved cases in the locality, all public information can be accessed from this website.

Police Justice and Security

Extra activities

The city of Miramar Police Department has many community activities planned every month/ week to help the residents with their day to day activity. From temporary parking clearance to road safety weeks to mobile patrol units, the team has diversity in their planning and unity in their execution. Some of the community activities that have received wide acclaim are:

  • Road patrolling – this mobile patrol unit is always on the lookout for traffic and cleared it as soon as possible. They also help to arrange temporary parking facilities.
  • School resource officer assignment – the schools in Miramar are always safe for its children. The police officers who are a part of this team have created an in house syllabus that includes teaching kids about self-defense, working as a team, calling out for help during bullying, etc.
  • Chaplain units for sharing grief with family and friends.
  • Victim service unit. This team is an immediately assembled task force that helps people in distress.
  • Neighborhood crime watch- eagle scouts created with the help of a citizen advisory council to reduce street crimes.
  • Police athletic league ( PAL)- this is a 1-year program for enthusiastic youth to learn more about Miramar Police force and encourage them to join.
  • Autism outreach program- this is a community program that helps to build awareness about Autism and its symptoms.

Accredited by the commission of Florida law enforcement organization the Miramar police department is very much renowned for their professional attitude and diligence. On the whole, the MPD is a proud organization who works nonstop to provide a happy and safe environment for the fellow citizens of Miramar.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 16, 2022
Sensitive Information!