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How to Find Public Police Records in the State of Mississippi?

Police records are official documents available for viewing by the general public. These records contain information relating to offenses such as civic violations, domestic violence, and criminal activities and details of the persons involved in such crimes. Each state in the U.S maintains police records that occurred in its jurisdiction and with the advancement in technology, it is now possible to access these records sitting in the comfort of your home by looking online.

Why would you require police records?

Police records are used for a range of purposes however some of the common reasons to obtain them are mentioned below:

  • Police records can be used to make critical decisions about a person involved in your life such as a dating partner, coach or caretaker.
  • The police reports are based on true facts and are accurate; you can learn about your new neighbor, friend or colleague before getting involved with them personally.
  • You can confirm the statements of your potential employee by cross-checking them with the police records. You can go ahead of hiring him/her only if the report is clean and satisfactory.
  • Several people have been successful in finding their lost parent/relative by checking police records. If you are looking for someone dear, police records could be a good source.

Missouri Police Records

How to obtain police records in Mississippi?

While police records are updated and maintained at most police stations in the state of Mississippi, they are also available at the state level. Anyone that wants to access and view police records in the state can place a request at the state agency and perform the transaction. Those that are aware of the case number and the place where the event occurred can also visit the nearest police headquarter.

You can reach out to the Mississippi Department of Corrections (state agency of Mississippi) or the Criminal Information Center to obtain details relating to a person. Fingerprinting is done in these centers and the service fee varies in accordance with the county policies.


Department of Corrections

633 N State St.

Jackson, MS 39202

Like many other states in the U.S, Mississippi also has a systematic procedure in place in order to enable the residents of the state to access public records. Many a time, such information is critical and helps one make the right decisions. If you are in Mississippi or looking for a police report relating to any person in the state, get in touch with any state agency mentioned above. For quick results, you can also look online.

Mississippi public Police Records

Mississippi Police Records Online

The Internet has reached each and every corner of homes and commercial spaces. This technology has made accessing information very easy and this applies to retrieve police records as well. You can find a number of online search firms in Mississippi that are legitimate; just contact one of them and obtain the record you are looking for.

Finding police records online involves the following steps:

  • Register with any genuine online search website in Mississippi
  • Make the payment, however, ensure that the search firm guarantees money refund in case your record cannot be found
  • Provide the name of the person along with any other pertinent details you are aware of
  • You will receive the results on your registered email address within moments.
  • Go through the police record and use the information to make the right decisions.

The state authorities have made available Government records for public access to enable self-protection. Residents that are suspicious about someone in their lives or roaming around in their localities can obtain police records of such persons effortlessly by following the above procedure.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 16, 2022
Sensitive Information!