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Mobile Police Departments Information

The Mobile Police Departments is responsible for law enforcement activities in the city of Mobile, located in Mobile County in the state of Alabama.

About the department

The City of Mobile Police Department has its jurisdiction spread over an area of 139.47 square miles in the city that has a population of 189,572. The port in the city is the twelfth largest in the entire country.

The Chief of Police is the head of the Mobile Police Department in the city. Chief Lawrence Battiste is the present Chief of police. The department works under the city council. There are more than 450 police officers working in the city. They are helped by more than 150 civilians in various positions.

The Mobile Police Department Address is:

2460, Government Blvd.

Mobile, Alabama 36606.

One can contact the department in case of an emergency by dialing 911. For other issues, (251) 208 7211 is the number to call. For general information, one can call (251) 208 1700.

The Mobile Police Department Email address is not shared. The department can be contacted online by sharing feedback on https://www.mobilepd.org/feedback/

The Mobile Police Department’s website is https://www.mobilepd.org/

Mobile Police Departments
Mobile Police Department Organization

The Mobile city police department is headed by the Chief of Police. An assistant chief helps the chief execute his responsibilities effectively. Internal Affairs division that deals with complaints against staff, public information officer, and Legal sections are directly under the supervision of the Chief. The main divisions in the department are:

  • Field Operations Division manages all the police precincts. It has the Gang task force that deals with gangs and organized crimes in the city. It also handles General investigations. The city is organized into five precincts for easy and effective administration.
  • Administrative Services section comprises the Inspection unit and the Planning and Research Unit. It takes care of accreditation of the police in the city.
  • Support Services Division handles communication within the department and also handles dispatches. It has the property unit. The Animal shelter is also part of the department. The Training unit for staff training and the records unit are part of this division.
Mobile Police

Mobile Police Department Project Shield

Project Shield is a partnership between the police and private agencies whereby the department can access surveillance cameras from different locations in the city. This allows the department to have 24-hour surveillance of most parts of the city. This is useful in crime prevention and provides valuable evidence in case of any crime occurrence. It is a safety net for the city that allows the department to respond immediately when they observe any major criminal activity, including terrorist activity. A Cyber division in the department manages Project Shield.

Mobile Police Department Citizen Involvement

Citizens are involved by the department in law enforcement activities. This is done for a collaborative effort to prevent crime and ensure that the city is safe for residents. There are many community activities done in coordination with citizens. This includes:

  • Community Action groups: CAGs connect sergeants with citizens. There are 75 such groups in the city that help the police to solve crimes. Crime mapping is used effectively in this process.
  • Citizens Academy: The Citizens Academy is an initiative where citizens are encouraged to attend a course that would educate them on police activities and allow them to volunteer to work for the police department. Anyone above 21 years can participate in the program.
  • Project Care: This is a special project meant for senior citizens and the elderly. The program aims to help the elderly from becoming victims of frauds and other such crimes. The dept. works with other resource providers.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on December 5, 2021
Sensitive Information!