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Montgomery Police Department Information

The Montgomery Police Department services the City of Montgomery in Alabama. It was founded in the year 1820 to ensure that the law was maintained in Montgomery, and so that the people of the city could live in peace and security. The City of Montgomery Police Department today is headed by Chief of Police Ernst N. Finley Jr. Together with 524 officers and 200 support employees, Montgomery's Police Department continues to maintain law and order within the City.

How do I get in touch with the Montgomery Police Department?

If you have any general inquiry and you want to get in touch with the police department, then you can call 334-625-2532. You should not use this number is you want to report information that is related to a non-emergency. A non-emergency is any situation that does not qualify for a 911 emergency call. For any and all emergencies, you should always call 911.

Non-emergencies, on the other hand, can include witnessing a suspicious person in the street and reporting that to the police, or hearing a loud disturbance and reporting that. The number for non-emergency related calls is 334-241-2651. If you call this number, you will be able to report your information, and the police department will help you with your situation.

Montgomery Police Department

If you want to visit the police station, then you should drop by the department. The address for the Montgomery Police Department is:

320 North Ripley Street

Montgomery, AL 36104

You could also send an email to the Montgomery Police Department. You can mail them at dhicks@montgomeryal.gov.

The Montgomery Police Department Website and Social Media Contacts

The Montgomery Police Department has expanded into the internet with various social media accounts, as well as a website. The official Montgomery Police Department website contains information on the department and how they can be contacted. If you are interested in becoming a police officer, then you will be able to find the application form on the website. The website is a part of the City of Alabama official website, and you can find information about not just Montgomery's police departments, but also more information about the city.

You can also reach the Montgomery Police Department through their Facebook account, Twitter account, or their YouTube channel. The department is active on social media and you can find out what is happening in the city, as well as other official updates from the Montgomery Police.

More Information about the Montgomery Police Department

The police department has several departments working together to maintain peace within the city. These different divisions have specific duties they accomplish, such as a division that specifically handles all administrative work, and another that deals with patrol duty.

City of Montgomery Police Department

The Montgomery Police Department has eight divisions, and these include:

  • The administrative division, which is responsible for handling support and administration for the department.
  • The criminal division, which ensures that law and order are maintained in the city.
  • The patrol division, which has officers that patrol the city to make sure they are no disturbances and help or assist in any disturbances in the area they are patrolling.
  • The investigative division, which handles specific cases and their investigation.
  • The municipal jail division, where those apprehended are kept until they are discharged, bailed out, or ready for trial.
  • The special operations division
  • The training division and the recruiting division, which are responsible for bringing new officers into the fold and showing them how the department operates, in order to cultivate good officers for the city.

The Montgomery Police Department works together with the citizens of Montgomery to maintain and develop a peaceful and safe city for both the inhabitants, as well as tourists and visitors.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on December 1, 2021
Sensitive Information!