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Nashville Police Departments Information

If someone has asked as to what is the thing that is priceless and invaluable for them, the answer may most likely be "peace of mind." But what is it that can give people peace of mind? Is it money or will enormous wealth and assets give peace of mind? The fact is neither money, nor enormous wealth can provide people with peace of mind. Only a secure feeling can get people peace of mind.

Though philosophers say that such a feeling should emanate from the "within," it is entirely different in the mundane world because several factors can negatively impact the peace of mind of people. One such factor is insecurity in the community, or the society people live. That is why governments of countries bestow a lot of attention to providing the best possible security to their citizens. They lay down laws and take steps to implement them meticulously for achieving this aim.

The job of the government does not stop at laying down laws and implementing them. Authorities keep monitoring the results because only then, they will be able to modify or change the laws according to the changes in the requirements or bring in new laws so that they can keep improving the results. Though a crimeless society may be a Utopian dream, the governments are aware that they cannot afford to slacken their efforts.

Nashville Police Departments
Several departments help the governments achieve their aim of providing immaculate security to their citizens. Among these departments, the police department stands out because the personnel and employees of the police department are the ones that offer on-the-spot services. As in other countries, the USA government has put in place police forces in every state. In fact, every city of the country has its police force. Let us now look at some of the details about Nashville Police Departments. Nashville is a city in the state of Tennessee.

Contact information of the Nashville Police Department

Those who want general information from the police department of the city of Nashville can call (615) 862-7400 and have the information they need. For issues related to domestic violence, people should call +1 615-880-3000. If someone wants to contact the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department - South Precinct, they should call +1 615-862-7744. For East Precinct, people should call +1 615-862-7600. Auto theft unit can be contacted on the number +1 615-862-7612. For West Police Precinct, the contact number is +1 615-862-7747. The contact number for Central Police Precinct is +1 615-862-7044. The Hit & Run unit of the department should be contacted on +1 615-862-7713. Contact numbers for various other divisions are available on the website of the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department.

Nashville police department website

https://www.nashville.gov/Police-Department.aspx is the website of the department. As far as the Nashville police department email address is concerned, no such address is available on the website. But those who want to have online communications with the department can visit the website, open the contact form, fill in the details on the form, and submit it.

City of Nashville Police Department
Address of the Police Department of the City of Nashville

Since the department consists of several divisions that operate from various addresses, one has to visit the website of the department to know the address of the division they wish to visit. But for general visits, the address of the Administrative Services Division will be useful. The address is as follows:

Nashville Police Department Address:

Administrative Services

Metropolitan Nashville Police Department

600 Murfreesboro Pike

P.O. Box 196399

Nashville, TN 37219-6399

Phone: 615-880-1334

FAX: 615-880-2899

A few other details about the Nashville police department

The mission statement of the City of Nashville Police Department speaks a lot about how the department carries out its tasks. The mission statement can be viewed on the website of the administrative services division of the department. The gist of the mission statement is that the department will strive to make available to the public community-focused police products so that the residents of the city can lead a peaceful and safe life.

From the above, it is quite clear that the entire Nashville Police force is focused on providing the residents of the city with a safe and secure environment.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 6, 2022
Sensitive Information!