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How to Find Public Police Records in the State of New Jersey?

Crime rates are increasing worldwide and the USA is no exception to that. Curbing criminal activity is the foremost job of any government whether it is state or central. Maintaining police records helps in identifying habitual criminals and offenders and also deters them from indulging in criminal activities in the future. All the states in the USA maintain police records and since they are information collected by state and central governments, they automatically become public property. The states are duty-bound to disseminate police records to the public on request. Citizens of the USA can request police records of any state. They have to follow a certain procedure to obtain police records.

The State of New Jersey has been maintaining public records including police records from 1621. All the 33 counties have been providing police records to the state so that people can easily access the records and use them in their daily life for background checks, criminal history, and other purposes. Public police records help investigators, law enforcement agencies and the public to investigate and know more about a person and his criminal background. The awareness these records bring about a person and their criminal background immensely helps in maintaining order in society.

What are Public Police Records?

Public Police Records are essentially data collected by police departments of the state or other law enforcement authorities about criminals and offenders. The records generally contain information like the name of the criminal, type of offense, arrests, mug shots, past criminal history, convictions, etc. The following are the ways in which police departments and other law enforcement agencies categorize police public records.

New Jersey Police Records

Criminal Records – Criminal records are the documents, which contain information collected from courts, detention centers, and other law enforcement agencies regarding criminal background, arrests, sentencing, incarceration, probation, and parole of a convicted individual.

Arrest Records – Arrest records are documents containing details of an offender collected at the time of the arrest. Apart from personal details of the offender, arrest records also mention whether the offender was questioned, apprehended or detained at the time of the arrest. Arrest records are not considered criminal records until the offender is proved guilty and sentenced in the court of law.

Arrest Warrant Records– Arrest warrant is an official document issued by a court authorizing a law enforcement authority to detain an offender allegedly involved in crime and other antisocial activities.

Accident records – Accident records contain details of accidents like vehicles involved in the accident, names of owners of the vehicles, place, name of the road, timing, etc. These records help people in getting insurances and also finding the causes of accidents.

How to Obtain Public Police Records?

There are several ways to obtain public police records. Whether it is criminal records, background checks or accident records, the New Jersey State Police (NJSP) is well equipped to disperse the information to the public on request. The following are the ways to obtain Public Police Records.

New Jersey Police Records Search
1. Personal Visit – A personal visit to the office of NJSP will help you in getting any type of police record. You have to fill the form and provide fingerprints and identification copy to get police records. The NJSP has collaborated with IDEMIA for a live scan fingerprinting service. Each copy of the police records costs you $42.80 including taxes. For accident reports, you have to fill different forms for toll and non-toll accidents. The address of NJSP is given below.


Office of the Superintendent

New Jersey State Police

PO Box 7068

West Trenton, NJ 08628

For accident reports visit - https://www.njportal.com/njsp/crashreports/

2. Online – You can access police public records of New Jersey State through the OPRA (Open Public Records Act) website. The details of fee structure and forms are available on the website.


You can also browse for the third party website which provides police records. There are several websites, which provide police records for a fee.

3. Mail – You can also write an email requesting for the records or write a physical mail to the above-given address of NJSP. For email addresses and more information visit the below link.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 16, 2022
Sensitive Information!