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New Orleans Police Departments Information

The major responsibility for enforcing law and order in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana lies with the NOPD or New Orleans Police Department. The jurisdiction of this Police Department spans all across Orleans Parish. The city is segregated into 8 police districts. A district commander heads each of these NOPD districts and has its own staff, geographic jurisdiction, and mailing address.

The Police Department’s mission is to offer professional services to the community so that law and order can be maintained and also protect property and life. To achieve this mission, the Police Department is committed to the principle of Community Oriented Processes for informing its organizational policies, as well as giving a high priority to improve the residents’ quality of life by engaging the community organization and all neighborhoods by entering into problem-solving and collaborative partnerships.

Department Administration

There are 6 bureaus in the city of New Orleans Police Department. There are more than twelve hundred women and men, civilians, and officers. The NOPD has been operational since 1796 and boasts a colorful and long history.

Contact Details

New Orleans Police Department Address: 715, South Broad Street, New Orleans, Louisiana 70119.

Emergency contact number: 911

Non-emergency contact number: (504) 821-2222

Website: https://www.nola.gov/nopd/

New Orleans Police DepartmentsPolice Bureaus

Check out the 6 Police Bureaus under the New Orleans Police Department:

  1. Office of the Superintendent

The bureau is responsible for overseeing the work of each bureau, as well as, the divisions listed below:

  • Technology Division
  • Public Affairs Division
  1. Investigation and Supports Bureau

It has the responsibility to conduct follow-up investigations for the commission of crimes against property or person New Orleans. The bureau is further classified into three divisions.

    3Field Operations Bureau

It is a bureau with the responsibility of conducting all kinds of criminal investigations, protection of property and life, preparation of incident reports, conducting pro-active patrols, handling special assignments, and traffic assignments.

    4Public Integrity Bureau

The PIB or Public Integrity Bureau ensures the promotion of the department’s credibility and enhance public confidence in the Police Officers of New Orleans by deploying pro-active and preventive measures to implement the top standards of professional performance of the department.

    5. Management Services Bureau

The primary responsibility of the MSB or Management Services Bureau is to provide support and administrative services to the New Orleans Police Department ranging from preparation of budgets to dissemination and maintenance of criminal records, training, recruitment, human resources, managing grants, and fleet and facility support services in the city.

  1. Compliance Bureau

It has the task of ensuring that the Consent Decree is implemented.

City of New Orleans Police Department

Community Services
LGBTQ Liaisons

The NOPD’s mission as far as LGBTQ Liaison is concerned includes the following:

  1. Partnering with the organizations and City agencies through community outreach, getting engaged in issues related to LGBTQ, education, and awareness.
  2. Promoting positive and healthy associations between the Police Department of the city and the LGBTQ Community by offering a link for the victims or people requiring the services.

Supporting the Victims of Crimes

The New Orleans Police Department will:

  1. Make sure that the victims receive social, medical, and emergency services at the earliest.
  2. They will also a special crime victim brochure to the victim of a crime in the city.

Assistance Program for witness/victim

It is a special program run by the City Department to offer special assistance to the victims and the witnesses of a crime in New Orleans.

Citizens can report the following incidents to the police department of New Orleans:

  1. Theft
  2. Lost property
  3. Property damage
  4. Auto theft (An Auto Theft Affidavit should be provided for reporting such a theft)

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 16, 2022
Sensitive Information!