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How to Find Public Police Records in the State of New York?

Police Public Records is the most important documents for any state or central government. They provide vital information about criminals and their antisocial activity. People and private organizations can use the information listed in police records to know more about the criminal history of an individual and make a decision on whether to employ or conduct business with him.

The United States of America has been keeping public records including Public Police Records both at the central and state levels to dispense the information to people, institutions, and private parties. All the 50 states of the USA have enacted laws to make it possible for people to easily obtain police records from different law enforcement agencies.

The State of New York has been collecting public records including Public Police Records since 1850. All the 62 counties of the state to abide by the Freedom of Information Law, which has made it compulsory to disseminate records to the people on request.

New York Police Recordד

Essentials of Public Police Records in the State of New York

Public Police Records bundles of information that contain details like criminal history, mugshots, name, date of birth, conviction, etc of a person involved in a crime. This information helps people and private organizations to know a person better. They also contain information about accidents and other mishaps, which help the public in claiming their insurance or settle a court case. Public Police Records is divided into the following categories.

  1. Arrest Records – Arrest records are documents containing details of an offender collected at the time of the arrest. Apart from personal details of the offender, arrest records also mention whether the offender was questioned, apprehended or detained at the time of the arrest. Arrest records are not considered criminal records until the offender is proved guilty and sentenced in the court of law.
  2. Arrest Warrant Records– Arrest warrant is an official document issued by a court authorizing a law enforcement authority to detain an offender allegedly involved in crime and other antisocial activities.
  3. Criminal Records – Criminal records are the documents, which contain information collected from courts, detention centers, and other law enforcement agencies regarding criminal background, arrests, sentencing, incarceration, probation, and parole of a convicted individual.
  4. Accident records – Accident records contain details of accidents like vehicles involved in the accident, names of owners of the vehicles, place, name of road, timing, etc. These records help people in getting insurances and also finding the causes of accidents.

Obtaining Public Police Records in the State of New York

The Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) of the New York State is responsible for distributing police records to the people and private organizations on request. Records like background checks, criminal history, arrest records, etc. can be obtained through DCJS. Accident records are available at the Department of Motor Vehicle. The following are the ways to get police records from the division.

1. Personal Visit – The main office of DCJS is situated in Albany. You can visit the office to get the records directly. DCJS has three verification forms depending upon the type of records. You should check the forms before applying for police records. The fee for records starts from $63 and changes according to the forms. You can also obtain police records from other law enforcement agencies like Sheriff’s office, police department and branches of FBI. The address of the DCJS is given below.

New York Public Records


New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services

 Office of Legal Services

Criminal History Record Information Access Inquiry

Alfred E. Smith Building

80 South Swan St

Albany, New York 12210

For accident records, follow the link - https://dmv.ny.gov/dmv-records/how-order-and-access-motor-vehicle-accident-report

2. Online – You can visit the official website of DCJS to obtain police records online. You can make appointments for fingerprinting on the website. There are several third-party websites, which provide police public records for a fee. Visit one of the websites online to get records.

Official website link - https://www.criminaljustice.ny.gov/

3. Mail – You can send an mail to the above-mentioned address with relevant forms to get police records. Payments are accepted through a money order and check. For more information, visit the official website.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 13, 2022
Sensitive Information!