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Newark Police Departments Information

The Newark Police department is said to have established long back in April 1857 and is the chief agency for law enforcement that is efficiently serving the city of Newark, New Jersey. The city of Newark Police department is also New Jersey’s largest agency for law enforcement and is believed to have 1000+ qualified and trained officers in its fold.

The Newark police division strives to protect the interests of the residents of the city and works to secure neighborhoods, municipal assets, business districts, life, property, and liberty. The division responds to over 520,000 service calls every year. According to the chief of the Newark Police division, the agency exists to serve the huge diverse population of the city that comes under their jurisdiction with fairness, respect, and sensitivity.

Contact Information

If you live in or around Newark, it is utmost important that you know how to contact the police division of the city.

Newark Police Department Address

Those who wish to get in touch with the Newark Police Department can reach the address mentioned below:

  1. 311, Washington street

Newark, New Jersey 07102

If you do not live close by and need to contact the Newark police, you can always call them on the below-mentioned number:

Phone: +1 (973) 733 6000

Website: http://www.newarkpdonline.org/

Newark Police Departments

  1. 480, Clinton Ave

Newark, New Jersey 07108

You can also call on the following number to speak to the police authorities.

Phone: +1 (973) 733 6007

Website: http://newarkpd.org/

Located in Essex County of New Jersey, the Newark police department is easily accessible to the residents. If you ever need to report anything related to crime or are under an emergency, you can reach out to the Newark police for assistance; a department worker or a police officer will do the needful and help you right away.

The police department is not only about crimes and law stuff; there’s more to it. The Newark police department is going full length to providing the Newark residents with updated information on safety and other tips. This facility is also intended to provide news about the events or incidents happening across Newark and NJ. If you want to know more and wish to work towards the cause of public safety, visit the official websites of the Newark Police Department stated above; the opportunities are abundant.

We have also made efforts and listed more Newark police departments and public safety divisions below along with their addresses, websites, fax, phone and email information to help you reach out to the concerned on time.

More Newark Police Departments:

NJ Transit Police Department


This state agency is located on –

One Penn Plaza East

Newark, NJ 7105

Phone: 973 491 8677

Website: http://www.njtransit.com/hp/hp_servlet.srv?hdnPageAction=HomePageTo

Newark Police Department Email: PoliceChiefOfficer@njtransit.com

New Jersey Institute of Technology Police Department


This is a college and university agency located on-

154 Summit St

Newark, NJ 07103

Phone: 973 596 3120

Website: http://www.njit.edu/publicsafety

Newark Police Department Email
Federal Bureau of Investigation


This is a federal agency for law enforcement located on-

11, Centre Place

Newark, NJ 7102

Phone: 973-792- 3000

Website: https://www.fbi.gov/contact-us/field-offices/newark

Fax: 973 792 3035

Essex County Sheriff’s Office


This county sheriff and police agency is located on-

50 W Market Street

Newark, NJ 07102

Phone: 973 621 4111

Website: http://www.essexsheriff.com/

Email: crimestoppers@essexsheriff.com

Essex County College Police Department


This university agency is located on-

303 university Avenue

Newark, NJ 07102

Phone: 973 877 3312

Essex County Department of Corrections


This Newark correction agency is located on-

354 Doremus Ave

Newark, NJ 07105

Phone: 973 274 7800

Website: http://essexcountynj.org/corrections-facility/

Email: aortiz@eccorrections.org

Fax: 973 274 6987

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 18, 2022
Sensitive Information!