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Norfolk Police Departments Information

The NBD or Norfolk Police Department serves the people who reside in Norfolk, in the state of Virginia and its surrounding localities i.e. within 96.3 sq. miles. It constitutes a number of specialized divisions and offers different kinds of services to maintain the law and order of the area. It is also the primary agency for enforcing the law in the above-mentioned localities.

Contact details of Norfolk Police Department

  1. Norfolk Police Department Address:

3661 E Virginia Beach, Blvd, Norfolk, Virginia 23502, United States of America

  1. Norfolk Police Department Email:


Check out some of the major services and divisions of city of Norfolk Police Department below:

  1. Investigative services

Some of the key units and divisions of investigative services are as follows;

Unit for crime analysis: The unit has the responsibility to support the Police Department’s administration and operational elements by gathering, analyzing, as well as, dissemination of information pertaining to detection of crime pattern, forecast crime trends, the correlation between crime and suspects, and analyses of target profile among others.

Detective division: its responsibility is to investigate severe misdemeanor and felony offenses that take place within the jurisdiction of Norfolk. The division has to also identify the offenders, arrest them, and then present them to the courts.

  1. Administrative services

Some of its key divisions and units are as follows:

Central Records Division: Its responsibility is to create a repository or database of accident and incident reports, photographs, fingerprints, correspondence, and criminal histories, as well as, all warrants under the jurisdiction of the police department.

Its Warrant unit has the responsibility of processing misdemeanor and felony warrants, violation papers of probation/parole, summons from magistrates, as well as other legal documents that are issued by magistrates and courts.

The unit for Technology Support has the responsibility for coordinating the administration and security of the record management system of the police department, Virginia Criminal Network, Linx system administrators, and security.

Strategic Management Division: The function of this division is to conduct monitoring and evaluation of the procedures and policies, which support the Norfolk Police Department to accomplish its vision and mission.
Personnel Division: It is the responsibility of the Personnel Division to maintain personnel records of the police department, coordinate the disability management program of the department, and oversee the processes related to police recruitment among others.
The division’s Training Unit has the responsibility to improve proficiency and job performance, achieving or surpassing the training standards of the DCJS or Department of Criminal Justice Service, enhancing the training quality keeping in mind the goals of the organization and to make sure that the mandates and philosophy of the police department are properly understood and appreciated.

Homeland Security Division

The division has the following key units:

Unit for patrolling the Harbor: The unit has the responsibility of making sure that the waterborne key assets flow safely i.e. safe transit across the city harbor. The unit also concentrates on the safety of recreational boating by enforcing city and state codes.

Bomb Squad: Its responsibility is to offer a quick technical service and call response pertaining to suspected or real explosive devices; to offer extra resources to its other divisions, to conduct instructions and training programs for the NPD in response and recognition of incidents pertaining to explosives.

SOT Team: The Special Operations or SOT Team has the responsibility for offering a ready and prompt response to crucial scenarios outside the capability of the weapons and training of the department’s patrol divisions like rescuing hostages, active threats, arrests involving high-risks, search warrant related to narcotics, and maritime operations among others.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on December 4, 2021
Sensitive Information!