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Paterson Police Departments Information

The Paterson Police Departments is responsible for law enforcement in the city of Paterson, the largest city and the county seat of Passaic County in New Jersey.

About the Paterson Police Department 

The City of Paterson Police Department has jurisdiction over a territory of 8.6 square miles in the city of Paterson that has a population of 165,000.

The Paterson Police Department is the largest accredited police department in the state of New Jersey. There are 400 sworn staff in the department and 125 civilian staff. The police department is managed by the city and overseen by the Police Director, the present incumbent being Jerry Speziale. The head of the department is the Chief of Paterson Police who presently is Troy Oswald.

The Paterson Police Department Address is:

111 Broadway – Paterson,

NJ 07505.

The phone number to contact the department is (973) 321 1111. For any emergency, one can contact 911.

The Paterson Police Department Email address is info@patersonpd.com. The email IDs of individual functionaries are as follows:

Police Director: jspeziale@patersonpd.com

Chief of Police: toswald@patersonpd.com

Police Director: jspeziale@patersonpd.com

Deputy Chief of Police: lphelan@patersonpd.com

The Paterson Police Department’s website is http://patersonpd.com/

Paterson Police Departments

The police department in Paterson is headed by the Police Director. Day to day operations of the department is managed by the Chief of Police, who has three deputy chiefs to assist him. Individual divisions are headed by Captains, who are assisted by Lieutenants, who manage units.

The different divisions in the Paterson police department are:

  1. Patrol Command that is responsible for patrolling and handling calls.
  2. Narcotics Vice Bureau, which handles cases related to narcotics, prostitution, and related issues.
  3. Major Crimes that is responsible for handling all serious crimes and handles juvenile offenses, as well as domestic violence cases. There is a separate juvenile unit headed by a Lieutenant.
  4. Internal Affairs Division handles complaints and investigations against police department staff.
  5. Administrative Services Bureau manages all administrative issues, including recruitment and training.
  6. Records division manages all police records.
  7. Community Policing interacts with citizens and works to make the city a safer place.
  8. Specialized Investigation Division.
  9. Special Operations Team to handle emergency situations.
  10. Traffic that takes care of all traffic-related issues.

Mission and Obligations

The department’s mission is to preserve peace in the city and protect all those who work in the city, live, or pass through the city. The department aims to make a significant contribution to enhancing the quality of lives of its residents.

The department has stated obligations to ensure that it acts against all disorderly incidents however minor they may be. The department commits to stand by its officers. They promise to deliver professional police services.

Paterson Police
Paterson Police Department  Alerts System

Paterson police department offers an alert system where citizens can get alerts about events in the area where they reside. This includes information on fugitives, crime occurrences, and other emergencies. The Eyes on Paterson program allows people to use their surveillance cameras to be connected to the police department to keep the city safe.

Becoming a police officer in the Paterson Police Department

Recruitment drives are conducted where anyone interested in becoming a police officer can apply. Clearing the New Jersey Law Enforcement Examination is a requirement to be a part of the police force in Paterson. This examination is usually conducted once every two years. Anyone who wants to be a police officer needs to meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Should be a US citizen.
  • Should be in good health condition.
  • Should be able to read, write, and speak English.
  • Should have good moral character.
  • Should not have any criminal conviction.

The city is an equal opportunity employer.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 19, 2022
Sensitive Information!