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San Jose Police Departments Information

The administration of the Police Department of San Jose is done by combined command staff. The team comprises the following:

  1. Chief of Police
  2. Assistant Chief of Police
  3. Deputy Chiefs (4 in number)
  4. A Deputy Director (Civilian) who presides over the Operations Command. It is classified into the Executive Officer’s Office and 4 Bureaus.

The San Jose Police Department has the authority to hire about one thousand and four hundred employees, which include non-sworn, as well as, sworn personnel. All the employees of the city of San Jose Police Department are allocated to any one of the 4 Bureaus. There are 11 divisions in total with over fifty assignments and specialized Units.

Contact details of the police department of San Jose

San Jose Police Department Address: 201 W Mission St, San Jose, California 95110, USA.

However, the residents of the city cannot use the San Jose Police Department Email to report a crime.

San Jose Police Departments

Crime prevention by the San Jose Police Department

Partnerships between the community and the police foster a chance to collaborate so that the safety of the community can be improved. The police department does so by sharing details of crime issues in the neighborhood and discussing tips and ideas on ways of solving, as well as, preventing them.

The police department of San Jose has a team of specials for crime prevention who are allocated to each neighborhood. They help the community to prevent incidents related to crime.

These specialists offer several services. Some of them are as follows:

  1. The specialists function as intermediaries between the community and the police department. Thus they ensure a personal and consistent point of contact.
  2. The specialists will respond to queries, share details and produce referrals to the community on issues of crime prevention.
  3. They give a presentation to the representatives of the general public related to different kinds of topics on crime prevention.

Unit for school safety education

It is the responsibility of this unit to contribute to the security of the school going kids while they travel between their homes and schools. The San Jose Police Department tries to accomplish this objective by placing “Adult Crossing Guards: at certain crucial intersections all over the city. The unit also provides supervision, guidance, and proper training to the patrols for student safety along with the adult supervisors. It is also responsible for delivering special safety education presentations and programs at community events and in schools. Such presentations usually cover the safety issues for bicyclists and pedestrians. Thus, the unit acts as an intermediary between the administrators, school districts, and the Police Department of the city along with other stakeholders such as relevant organizations and groups.

San Jose Police

CSO (Community Service Officer) program

A CSO in the city of San Jose is a relatively recent position, albeit civilian stat started in the year 2014. Many other cities in the United States of America also use CSOs in their respective Police Departments.

These Community Service Officers are placed throughout the city of San Jose so that they can assist the cops by investigating or responding to service calls with lower priority. Their presence and functions enable the cops to focus on emergency calls, which are of higher priority. Thus, police officers can enjoy more time in their hands to act for proactive law enforcement functions.

Some of the call types a Community Service Officer investigates or responds to in San Jose are as follows:

  1. Petty theft
  2. Burglary – classified into a vehicle, residential, and commercial
  3. Grand theft
  4. Vandalism
  5. Vehicle theft – recovery and/or an initial report
  6. Traffic collision without any kind of injuries
  7. Road hazards
  8. Missing persons
  9. Vehicles that have been abandoned
  10. Controls and directs traffic and crowd at special events or accident sites
  11. Helps with the investigation at a crime scene


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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 17, 2022
Sensitive Information!