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Calling The Police After A Minor Car Accident

Many people panic when they meet with an accident or see the accident even if it is a fender bender. They end up with no clue and have no idea about what to do after a minor car accident. Also, some state has laws which depend on the amount of injury, vehicle damage. Some states have the law that the driver should inform the accident if the damage is over $1000 or $2500. Every state has its laws and it may differ from state to state.

Why inform the Legal Authorities?

It is advisable to call the police or report law enforcement officials once you met with an accident. Often, a minor car accident happens in parking lots, driveways, and small spaces. Also, when there is no enough room to move your car or turn your car. Any small damage to you or your car may be expensive. Always stay calm when you have noticed or experienced a minor accident. Do not indulge in a fight with another driver or blame them.

Do You Have to Call The Police After A Minor Car Accident

No one can predict when the accident happens while driving and if it happens, stay calm, be positive. One must need to check about the injuries soon after the car accident. If you see any injuries, one must need to call an ambulance. Do not block the traffic in the middle of the road. Move your vehicle in a safe place and talk to the driver.

Exchange the email address, phone numbers and insurance policy numbers with other drivers. It is a good idea to inform the police when you meet with a minor accident. There might be a chance that the other driver may be uncooperative. Also, some injuries go un notice even for a week or month. So, if you call the police soon after the minor accident there is every possibility that he/she will record the witness or interviews. If you neglect to inform law enforcement officials at the time of the accident and if you find the injury later. The other driver may point out that the accident has never happened.

In bad weather conditions, law enforcement officials don’t respond immediately. In such cases, you can fill the accident forms located in nearby gas stations and mail to the officials. Always report the officials when the incident is fresh in mind. Also, you can capture the pictures for your safety at the accident spot. You can also mail the pictures to officials if the officials do not respond immediately.

Calling The Police After A Minor Car Accident

Wait till the police arrive at the scene and never be in a hurry to leave. Once they arrive, talk to the officials about the incident and how it happened. If you leave before the officials arrive, there may be chances of criminal charges against you. Ensure that you record the police official name, ID. Make a note of it along with the accident report number.

Be honest to the officials and describe the accident scene to him. Do not point out other driver’s mistake or take your fault completely. After you report the officials, it is time to inform and talk to insurance companies. The insurance providers will ask for the police reports. Always remember that talk to police officials first and then to insurance providers.

Even if there is no damage to the vehicle, contact your insurance providers. Always get a copy of accident reports. A police report helps in positively assisting the case and make things easier. Also, the report provides crucial information about who involved in the accident. Any insurance providers and lawyers look forward to checking the police reports.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 17, 2022
Sensitive Information!