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Rochester Police Department Information

The City of Rochester Police Department in Rochester, New York has a mission to reduce crime, protect and serve the citizen of their city, and to uphold the constitutions of New York and the United States of America. The Rochester Police has famous for going back to the roots of policing, that is Beat Patrol. In this way, they experience ground realities on a first- hand basis, and can also communicate with their community better. There are several programs, geared towards both adults and children.

Community Programs

There are several ways through which the Rochester Police Department enlists the help of the community at large in order to help them achieve their goal of making Rochester a city which is safe for all.

  • Crime Stoppers: Under the Crime Stoppers Program, businesses and people are given information about potential suspects and criminals who have been absconding. If anyone sees the criminals, they are supposed to contact the police immediately at (585) 423- 9300. If your tip leads the police to the criminals=, resulting in their arrest and indictment, then you will be awarded a cash money prize of up to $5000.
Rochester Police Departments
  • Drug Hotline: The Drug Hotline is a way for citizens to directly contact the Rochester narcotics department about known and unknown drug dealings which may be taking place around the city. If you have any information about illegal drug activity, contact the Rochester Police Department Narcotics Department at 311 or (585) 428- 6000. These endeavors help keep the streets of Rochester safe.
  • Clergy Response Team: The Clergy Response Team are a group of police volunteers who are trained to provide assistance at major crime scenes, natural disasters, and major incidents which affect the community at large. These volunteers can work at various high schools, public places such as parks, and places where there is a lot of public, for example at special events and parades.
  • Police and Citizens Together against Crime: Also known as PAC- TAC, this program enlists the help of citizens to volunteer with the police department to keep crime off the roads. People who sign up for the PAC- TAC program will receive extensive training on how to tackle various kinds of situations, and will also receive special uniforms, a flashlight, and a digital radio which will be useful for directly contacting Beat Patrol officers. There are two kinds of PAC- TAC patrols- on foot and on bicycles.
City of Rochester Police Department
  • Do The Right Thing: This is a program especially geared towards children who are currently in school. Through this program, people are encouraged to report the achievements of a young kid who has displayed an act of bravery or heroism, in order to have them facilitated with an award. This award strives to show children that good acts never go unnoticed, and honor all those children who strive to make good moral choices, give back to their community, and demonstrate a turnaround in their behavior and show improvement.
  • Police Explorer: The Police Explorer Program is mainly targeted towards people in High School and College, and who are interested in becoming police officers. Through this program, young adults are trained in all aspects of a police officer’s job. They are volunteers and are mainly on the program to understand whether the life of a police officer is for them or not.

Rochester Police Department Address

30 Church Street, City Hall, Rochester 14614, New York

Rochester Police Department Phone Number

For any emergencies, please contact 911. For any non-emergency related issue or to file a police complaint via phone, contact the Rochester Police at (585) 428- 6720.

Rochester Police Department Website


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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 25, 2022
Sensitive Information!