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Virginia Beach Police Departments Information

Safety, security and no chaos- this is the motto of every police officer in Virginia Beach. The VBPD is a committed task force who believe in achieving a reduced crime rate by preventing the occurrence of crime in the first place. The Virginia Beach Police Departments takes pride in being one of the most diligent police force that combats crimes, misdemeanors, and felonies to a maximum extent and creates a peaceful environment

Virginia Beach Police Department General information

The Virginia Beach police are equipped with advanced training in state law and federal law. Their mission is to complete their job with zero bias towards anyone on the basis of gender, economic status or social status. The team believes in educating the public with law and order so that crimes can be reduced at the grassroots level. The city of Virginia Beach Police Department has officers who are strict professionals at work and highly civilized and mannered while interacting with the public.

The chief of police James Cervera heads the four precincts and also the mounted patrol unit. Under his able guidance the team is has absolved gang crimes to a greater extent. He is instrumental in creating the awesome COMSAT where the global information system is used to connect precinct commanders and solve crimes before their occurrence. Each of the VBPD precincts has its own citizen advisory committee so that the police department is in continuous touch with their immediate public and vice versa. The details about the four precincts and its locations are here,

Virginia Beach Police Department Contact information

The Virginia Beach Police Department Address is:


2509 Princess Anne Rd, Virginia Beach

VA 23456

United States

Virginia Beach Police Departments

Virginia Beach Police Department Phone number:

757-385-4141 / 4377.

There is an emergency phone number 311 that can be used to file nuisance complaints (noise pollution or uninformed usage of fireworks). This helpline number is available 24/7. For more contact numbers on helplines - click here.

The Virginia Beach Police Department Email address is [email protected]. This service has been created for people to connect to their community helping partners and share their grievances if any. The VBPD checks their email regularly and takes immediate actions on complaints or reports filed through email.

Virginia Beach Police Department Community services

There are numerous honorary community services where the Virginia Beach Police Department is an integral part namely:

  • Parades and community walks
  • Memorial services for police and army martyrs
  • Flag presentations

Also the Virginia Beach police personnel volunteer in active community services namely

  • Environment drive and cleanliness awareness
  • Know your neighbor initiative
  • Recreational meetings
  • Senior citizen protection
  • Transportation regulation
  • Traffic management
  • Animal shelter etc.

City of Virginia Beach Police

Virginia Beach Police Department Website

The Virginia Beach police department’s website is intriguing and user-friendly.

https://www.vbgov.com/government/departments/police/Pages/default.aspx is the default landing page wherein there are a side menu and a quick access ribbon on the top. In the home page, there are updates on what are the latest events that are happening in the city. The unique selling proposition of the webpage is the public update of the status of the cases registered under the VBPD. The website also provides links to special services that the VBPD offers for its citizens as follows

Virginia Beach Police Department Interesting services

  • The VBPD offers employment for youth who look for adventure-driven jobs like biking, bomb diffusing, beach patrol, helicopter patrol, SWAT, etc. The recruits are trained for their jobs at the law enforcement training academy.
  • The Virginia Beach Police Department owns a web application for police reports archival online namely ePRO. Through this portal, the public can browse through Virginia Beach police records easily. A non-emergency offense can also be recorded through this application.
  • There is a red light violation services unit which books vehicles and sends a civil penalty when traffic lights are jumped.
  • There is also a false alarm reduction unit that helps the public to understand their alarm system and its working.

With many innovative schemes like body-worn camera program, marine patrol unit and mounted patrol unit, the Virginia Beach Police Department has been one of the most technologically advanced police department in the United States who strive to keep their city safe from criminals.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 6, 2022
Sensitive Information!