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Santa Clarita Police Department Information

The Santa Clarita Police Department is responsible for servicing Valencia, Canyon Country, Newhall, Saugus, and Santa Clarita. Located in Los Angeles, this Santa Clarita Police Department is responsible for maintaining law and order in all the areas under its jurisdiction.

An Introduction to the Santa Clarita Police Department:

The City of Santa Clarita's Police Department services not only the city but certain areas nearby as well. The department not only maintains peace by patrolling its jurisdiction but is also responsible for following up cases where a crime has taken place. The department can also help you with any non-emergency situation you may have, or provide you with information you need from them.

The Police Department is also responsible for keeping records, such as reports on arrests made, warrants and background checks, etc. The Santa Clarita Police collaborate with the State Police when it comes to various services. Some of these include providing anonymous tips online using a website, or allowing people to file online reports for specific situations.

Santa Clarita Police Departments
How do you get in touch with the Santa Clarita Police Department?

You can contact the Santa Clarita Police Department in various ways. You can visit their headquarters in person, contact them through their websites or call them for non-emergencies. Other than this, officers you meet on the street, such as a traffic officer or a patrol officer, will also help you should you face a situation where you need help.

However, if you are facing an emergency situation, or if you feel as if you are in danger, you gave to dial 911. While other ways of communicating with the department are available, they are not always monitored consistently. You may be unable to secure help by calling the non-emergency number to the department. Any time you face a situation that you deem to be an emergency, dial 911.

If you are not facing an emergency but would like to either call the department for an inquiry or to report a crime, you have to call 661-255-1121. In certain circumstances, such as when you are in a hurry to pick up a police record, you may have to visit the headquarters. The address for the Santa Clarita Police Department is:

Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff's Station

23740 Magic Mountain Parkway

Santa Clarita, CA 91353

 Santa Clarita Police Department Email
If you are visiting the department to apply for and collect a record, you must remember to carry a valid government-issued photo ID, such as a driver's license, to the building.

Santa Clarita Police Department's Website and More Information

The Santa Clarita Valley website is a part of the LASD website, that lists all the major police departments within the State. You can find out various information on the police department as well as secure other services through the website.

One of the most useful services is the one that allows you to file a report online. You can only file a report for certain situations. If you have faced any of these circumstances, then you can file a report for that using the online reporting system:

  • If you have lost or had your cell phone stolen, and it was valued at $950 or less.
  • If you have lost or had property is stolen, where that property was valued at $950 or less.
  • If you want to report any kind of vandalism other than graffiti, where the damage incurred can be valued at $400 or less.
  • Where something was stolen from an unlocked vehicle, and the price of the stolen item can be valued at $950 or less
  • You can also ask for a Supplemental Record Form, but this applies only when you have an existing LASD member.

If you make a report online using this system, an officer may get in touch with you, but that happens only when they need more information from you after reviewing your report.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 25, 2022
Sensitive Information!