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Shreveport Police Departments Information

The City of Shreveport Police Department is the legal enforcement agency for Shreveport, Louisiana. It services the Caddo Parish County. Shreveport Police Departments is accountable for the approximate 198525 people residing in Shreveport. Shreveport Police consists of around 500 Shreveport Police Officers.

City of Shreveport Police Department Programs

Shreveport Police Departments runs a number of programs such as the Auxiliary Officer Program, Citizen’s Police Academy, Youth Programs, Operation Santa Claus, Neighborhood Watch, Shreveport City Night Out, Neighborhood Assistance Teams, and Police Chaplains. Let’s learn a little more about these programs below –

  • City of Shreveport Police Department Auxiliary Officer Program – Shreveport Police’s Auxiliary Police Officers Program allows Shreveport Chief of Police to appoint eligible members of the citizen to serve as auxiliary police officers. These auxiliary officers are basically civic volunteers of Shreveport who do not have authority to arrest or hold arms but can act as a legal enforcement substitute in all other cases. The Shreveport Police Departments Auxiliary Officer Program was founded in 1997.
  • Shreveport Police Departments Citizen’s Police Academy – The Citizen’s Police Academy, Shreveport Police was founded in 1991. The academy serves as a medium for the citizens of Shreveport to learn the philosophy, values, and operations of the City of Shreveport Police Department.
  • National Night Out Program – The National Night Out Program aspires to heighten awareness about crime and drug prevention. It also strengthens neighborhood spirit and police-community partnerships by gathering support for their anti-crime efforts.
  • Shreveport Neighborhood Assistance Teams Program – The Neighborhood Assistance Teams Program acts as a medium between a member of the law enforcement agency and the common public.
  • City of Shreveport Police Department Neighborhood Watch Program – The Neighborhood Watch Program in Shreveport has been designed to lessen incidences of domestic burglary by encouraging citizens to cooperate with each other and provide mutual assistance.
  • Operation Santa Claus – Operation Santa Claus is an officer-referred charity program for needy children. In this program, the officers submit names of needy children and the volunteers provide these children with the gifts they wish for. Basically, Operation Santa Claus functions as a multi-agency non-profit organization. It primarily operates in the holiday season.
  • Police Chaplains – Shreveport Police Department Chaplains are clergymen with an interest in how pastoral care can be provided in the world of law enforcement. All help given as part of this program is confidential and free of cost.
  • Youth Programs – Shreveport PD also runs a host of camps and other youth programs to make the youth of the city legally conscious and aware.

Shreveport Police Department Email and Shreveport Police Department Address
If you want to reach out to the Shreveport Police Department, you can do so by either using Shreveport Police Department Email or by visiting the Shreveport Police Department Address. We will share both the Shreveport Police Department Email and the Shreveport Police Department Address here for your convenience. The Shreveport Police Department Address is 1234 Texas Ave Rm 100, Shreveport, Louisiana, 71101-3345. The Shreveport Police Department Email is police@shreveportla.gov. When you send an email to this ID, you directly reach out to Shreveport Chief of Police, Alan Crump.

Shreveport Police also runs a Facebook page where you can contact them. You can also visit their website at https://www.shreveportla.gov/422/Police

If you happen to face any law and order situation in Shreveport, Louisiana, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Shreveport Police. They are professionally trained and equipped to resolve all legal issues. It’s best not to take the law into your hands when you can employ the help of legal enforcement. Shreveport Police Departments is as at your service, so why risk involvement into a criminal issue with little or no knowledge?

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 13, 2022
Sensitive Information!