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Spokane Police Departments Information

The Spokane Police Departments is the department in the city of Spokane that handles law enforcement. Spokane is located in Spokane County in the state of Washington.

About the Department

The City of Spokane Police Department has jurisdiction of a total area of 68.77 square miles. The department is responsible for law enforcement in the city that has a population of 219,190. The city is known as the Lilac City.

The Police Chief is the head of the Spokane Police Department. The department works under the Spokane city council. Chief Craig Meidl is the head of the police force in the city. There are 310 sworn officers working in the department.

The Spokane Police Department Address is:

1100 W Mallon Ave

Spokane WA 99260.

911 is the number for citizens to dial in case of an emergency. For all other concerns and issues that are not an emergency, the phone number to call is (509) 456 2233.

The Spokane Police Department Email address is spdwebmail@spokanepolice.org

The department can be connected with online through Facebook on https://facebook.com/spokanepd/

The Twitter page of the department is https://twitter.com/spokanepd/

The Vimeo page of the department is https://vimeo.com/spokanepd/

The Spokane Police Department’s website is https://my.spokanecity.org/police/


The Chief of Police heads the police department in Spokane city. The department has the following divisions for smooth law and enforcement operations:

  • Patrol
  • Investigations
  • Prevention
  • Community Outreach

Spokane Police

Patrol Operations
Patrol operations ensure that the city is safe and patrol is carried out effectively. The patrol department handles the following units:

  • Traffic operations
  • K9 unit
  • SWAT team
  • Tactical team
  • Crisis Negotiations team
  • Explosive disposal team


Investigation operations in the department are conducted through the following units:

  • Major crimes that deal with serious crimes in the city.
  • Property crimes including theft and burglary, and vandalism.
  • Gangs and drugs unit that enforces laws against gangs and drug operations.
  • Domestic violence cases.
  • Special victims dealing with sexual abuse and other such cases.
  • Missing person cases
  • Traffic collision unit dealing with accident investigations

Crime Prevention

Crime prevention is ensured in the city with a number of activities. These include the following:

  • Prevention of vehicle theft through an anti-vehicle theft device known as the club that is given free of charge to all vehicle owners by the department.
  • A tip line where tips to help the department solve crimes is available. Calls can be made to (509) 242 8477.
  • Crime stoppers initiative where tips can be submitted to http://www.crimestoppersinlandnorthwest.org/sitemenu.aspx?ID=643&
  • See Something Say Something is an initiative by the police department to report instances of sex trafficking. Any such incident observed can be reported by calling the police, who work with the department to prevent such crimes.
Spokane Police


The department has an Office of Professional Accountability that has a well-defined process for citizens to report complaints against the police. This is done through the Internal Affairs unit. The department also has a body camera program to equip officers with body cameras to ensure transparency and to improving the relationship between police and citizens.

Officer Job and Training

Recruitment to the Spokane police city department is advertised as and when there are vacancies. Those interested to join the department can visit https://my.spokanecity.org/jobs for more details. A written exam needs to be passed by all eligible applicants. This is followed by a comprehensive physical agility test, Only those clearing these tests are eligible for further processes.

Community Outreach

The police department in Spokane reaches out to the community with a number of programs that intend to keep the city safe. These programs include:

  • Police Activities League
  • Youth and police initiative
  • Neighborhood watch

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 16, 2022
Sensitive Information!