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St. Louis Police Departments Information

The St. Louis Police Department came into existence over 200 years ago. The department was a 4-man force at the time of inception. Today, the St. Louis Police Department consists of more than 1300 sworn officers and 400 civilian staff members.

The department has had several milestones since its inception. A key milestone includes the launch of a huge 40, 000-square foot crime research lab equipped with state-of-the-art technology for crime analysis.

Another key milestone of the St. Louis Police is the inception of the Real-Time Crime Center. This system employs surveillance cameras, license plate recognition tools, and crime analysis software, to detect, track and deter crimes in real-time. The system also provides crucial information to first responders on the crime scene and to police officials carrying out follow-up investigations into crimes.

St. Louis Police Department Address and Other Contact Details

The physical address of the St. Louis Police Department is:

Olive Street, 1915

St. Louis

Missouri 63103

Phone Number for Emergencies: 911

Phone Number for Non-Emergencies: 314 231 1212

A detailed list of the phone number of all St. Louis Police Departments is available here.

The city of St. Louis Police Department Website Address: https://www.slmpd.org/index.shtml

St. Louis Police Department Email: The general public including media members can send an email to media@slmpd.org. Members of the public wanting to report a fraud or identity theft can send an email to the Police at TelephoneReporting@SLMPD.org.

St. Louis Police Departments
More about St. Louis Police Departments

St. Louis Police operates through its various departments to ensure crime prevention and speedy response to police situations. Given here are the different divisions and functions of the Department:

  • 911 Communications is a central 911 hub that responds to emergency calls for not only police services but also medical and fire services. Calls requiring emergency fire and medical services are directed to the respective dispatcher immediately. 911 Communications handles over 800, 000 calls on an annual basis.
  • The Homicides division is responsible for handling crimes involving murders and suspicious deaths. Detectives working in this unit are available 24 hours. They investigate the crime scene, gather evidence, identify witnesses, and work in association with other department teams, to obtain suspect information.
  • Crimes of fraud, including credit card and tax-related frauds, and identity theft, are investigated by a separate unit. Citizens looking to report a crime of fraud or identity theft need to fill a form and submit to the City of St. Louis Police Department as instructed here.
  • There is a separate response team called DART for handling crimes of domestic violence, elder abuse, and stalking.
  • Crimes involving children including sexual abuse, physical assault, neglect, and death, are handled by the Child Abuse Unit. In addition to the emergency response number 911, there is a hotline number – 1800 392 3738, for citizens wanting to report child abuse crimes.
  • A separate unit is responsible for investigating sex crimes including sodomy, rape, and drug-induced sexual assaults. The Unit works in collaboration with SART for cases where victims are above 14 years of age.
  • Gun crimes are investigated by a special GCIC team of the St. Louis Police. This team works to primarily identify criminals responsible for gun crime. The team analyzes guns and shell casings recovered from crime scenes through the Department’s laboratory and employs crime analysis techniques to identify the offender.

St. Louis Police
  • The Juveniles unit handles missing children cases, the city’s juvenile curfew law enforcement, truancy crimes, and crimes involving violation of the use of intoxicating substances by minors.
  • There is a specialist team to handle Intellectual Property crimes. This unit works in association with several local and national law enforcement agencies to solve such crimes.
  • The Canine Unit is responsible for police dogs for use in crime detection. Police dogs are available on a 24-hour basis for assisting different police tasks including locating missing people, evidence location, suspect tracking, locating dangerous hidden substances including narcotics and explosives.
  • St. Louis Police’ Crime Analysis Unit has analysts certified by the prestigious IACA. This unit reviews crimes identifies crime patterns, develops crime profiles, and provides required information fast to police officers investigating crimes.
  • The Internal Affairs Unit is responsible for conducting investigations into complaints against department members. Citizens looking to lodge a complaint can do so by visiting the department office in person, by mail, or online. Detailed instructions are available here.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 16, 2022
Sensitive Information!