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Surprise Police Departments Information

Located less than an hour away from downtown Phoenix, Surprise is one of the booming cities of Maricopa County, Arizona in the United States of America. Celebrated as one of the fastest-growing American cities, the city of Surprise is popularly acknowledged as one of the safest cities to live in the country. Thanks to the commitment of the Surprise Police Department. With the city witnessing a constant and an accelerated population growth pattern, the police department of Surprise is dedicated to upholding a safe community through extending over-the-top law enforcement services while valuing responsibility, honor, and professionalism.

Vision and Values of Surprise Police Department

The city of Surprise police department endeavors to guarantee that the Surprise city is the securest and most protected community in all of the United States of America. Furthermore, the police department of Surprise honors integrity, customer focus, accountability, professionalism, and high-quality services.

Surprise Police Departments: Information, Websites, Contact Information and More
Chronology of the Surprise Police Department


  • Surprise Marshal's office was constituted and six marshals took care of the law and order in the town of Surprise
  • Ross Hornsby was appointed as the first town marshal of Surprise


  • Skip Luttrell was appointed as the town marshal of Surprise following his three-year stint as the deputy


  • After three decades of work as a small-town law enforcement service, the marshal's office of Surprise went through a lot of changes
  • Garvin Arrell was appointed to lead the law enforcement by the city manager Richard McComb
  • Arrell with his profound experience as a veteran in the Honolulu police department retooled the law enforcement department of the city of Surprise
  • He went on to hire several women police officers and brought a big-city touch to the task


  • Marshal Office of Surprise was modernized as the Surprise Police Department
  • Community policing programs and public relations were implemented
  • K-9 patrol, bicycle patrol, motorcycle patrol, and police beats were launched


  • Establishment of the Surprise Citizen's patrol, a volunteer organization that supports the police force of Surprise


  • Arrell retired and was replaced by Daniel Hughes, a veteran from the Illinois Police Department
  • Hughes brought in a lot of advances to the existing system and a computer-based dispatch system was launched replacing manual processes


  • Terry Young was appointed as the Chief of Police, City of Surprise
Surprise Police Departments

Surprise Police Department Structure

The Chief of Police is the highest-ranking position in the Surprise Police Department. The Chief of Police in the city is supported by one assistant police chief, one civilian manager, seven deputies, and four commanders. The Police Department of Surprise primarily has four divisions lead by the Chief of Police.

  • Field Operations
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Administrative Services
  • Professional Development

Field Operations

Primary functions of field operations division of the Surprise police department include extending swift and prompt response to calls and providing neighborhood patrols round the clock. Some of the other support services of the field operations division include traffic enforcement, park ranger, K-9, animal control and prisoner transport.

Criminal Investigation

Law-breakings are investigated by this division through extensive use of intelligence collection and surveillance. Some of the other important functions of this division include forensics, crime analysis, victim advocacy, property crimes, crime prevention and so on.

Administrative Services

This division of the Surprise police department provides and manages resources collected through various modes to support the department operations. Some of the other support services of the administrative services division include records, vehicle impound services, citizens patrol, community relations and so on.

Professional Development

This division principally comprises of recruiting unit, training unit, and accreditation management.

Surprise Police Department Address

14250 W Statler Plaza

Suite 103

Surprise, AZ 85374

Surprise Police Department Contact Information

Phone: 623.222.4000

Fax: 623.222.4001

Emergency: 911

TTY: 623.222.4004

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 19, 2022
Sensitive Information!