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Tempe Police Departments Information

Tempe Police Departments serves Tempe, Arizona. City of Tempe Police Department was formed in 1895. Currently, Tempe Police is responsible for approximately, a population of 170,000, which resides in Tempe. The number of discounts the thousands of people coming in, to study and work in Tempe. Sylvia Moir is the Chief of Police at the City of Tempe Police Department.

Tempe Police Departments is currently exploring how intelligence-led policing can be incorporated into the agency’s functioning. Methods in which this is expected to be achieved is, by creating a Crime and Intelligence Center, improving relationships with other law enforcement and government agencies and by streamlining internal communications.

As estimated last in 2010, Tempe Police consisted of a workforce of 330 sworn-in police officers who looked after investigations, patrolling and related support. Another 150 civilian staff were responsible for the identification unit, communications and records groups, the jail and other support position and units.

The motto of the Tempe Police Departments is Honor-Integrity-Loyalty-Dedication.

City of Tempe Police Department Contact Information

You can contact the City of Tempe Police Department using the below-given information. It lists Tempe Police Department Address and Tempe Police Department Email, besides contact numbers –

Tempe Police Departments

  • Police Emergency – 911
  • General Enquiries – tempe_police @tempe.gov
  • Police Non-Emergency – 480 350 8311
  • Alarm Permit (Residence/Business) – 480 350 8778
  • Chief of Police – policechief@tempe.gov
  • Bicycle Registration - https://www.myassettag.com/bike/
  • Code Compliance – 480 350 4311
  • City Court – 480 350 8271
  • Community/Constituent Issues – 480 858 6148
  • Crime Prevention Unit – 480 858 6330
  • Crime Analysis and Statistics – 480 858 6249
  • Criminal Investigations – 480 350 8901
  • Graffiti Hotline – 480 350 4311
  • Detention Facility – 480 350 8569
  • Impounded Property – 480 350 8348
  • Impounded Vehicle – 480 350 8465
  • Narcotics Investigations and Tips – 480 350 8730
  • LGBTQ Liaison – Commander Vince Bourbon – vince_boerbon@tempe.gov /480 350 8052
  • Off Duty Coordinator – 480 350 8789/pd-offdutycoordinator@tempe.gov
  • Records Section – 480 350 8598
  • Patrol Division – 480 350 8511
  • Recruiting and Hiring 877 TPD AND U (873 2638)
  • Silent Witness Crime Tips – 800 343 TIPS (8477)
  • Traffic Bureau – 480 350 8376
  • Sex Offender Info and Notifications - http://www.sheriffalerts.com/cap_main.php?office=55295
  • Vacation Notification - https://www.tempe.gov/government/police/vacation-notification
  • Additional Resources - https://www.tempe.gov/government/police/contacts/resource-link

Tempe Police

The above information should have fulfilled your needs for the Tempe Police Department Address and Tempe Police Department Email. The physical Tempe Police Department Address is City Hall, 31 E, 5th St., Tempe, AZ 85281 P: (480) 350-4311.

Tempe Police Departments Fallen Officers

The city of Tempe has witnessed the death of five officers and two K-9s of Tempe Police on duty. The details for the same are –

Tempe Police Officers: Albert Nettle, Cyrus M. Spangler, and John Eaton Bradshaw have died of gunfire on duty in 1919, 1921 and 1987 respectively. Robert Lyle Hawk and Kevin Louis Weeks died due to vehicular assault and motorcycle accident in 1988 and 2006 respectively. Of the K9s, Murph died of gunfire in 1986 and Baloo died in 2008 from a fall.

How to get in touch with Tempe Police?

If you wish to get in touch with the City of Tempe Police Department, you can reach out to them at the Tempe Police Department Address. If it isn’t possible for you to travel all the way, you can simply send them an email using the Tempe Police Department Email. The Tempe Police Department Email addresses have been provided for your convenience above. Don’t hesitate to call on the Tempe Police Departments if you are facing a law and order situation in Tempe. Tempe Police will be better equipped to handle such sensitive situations and you are advised to not take the law in your hands.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 18, 2022
Sensitive Information!