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Thornton Police Department Information

The City of Thornton Police Department, located in Thornton, Colorado, has employed over 240 sworn officers and about 77 civilian employees which serve a population of over 135,000 citizens. The Police Department of Thornton places strong values on the participation of the community at large to increase the quality of life of its people, by increasing the general safety and decreasing and alleviating the fears of crime.

Thornton Police Department Programs and Services

Crime Stoppers: Crime Stoppers is an initiative of the Thornton Police Department to engage the public in reducing the rate of crime and catching perpetrators. Through this program, whenever the police are in search of a suspect, they engage the help of the public through wanted posters and advertisements. If a suspect is spotted somewhere, the citizen can phone the Thornton Police Department or Crime Stoppers at (720) 913- 7867.

Neighborhood Watch: The Neighborhood Watch program is an initiative of different residential communities in the United States of America to help their police forces curb crime and increase the safety of the citizens. Under this program, residents of a neighborhood volunteer each night to patrol their communities and keep an eye out for any kind of suspicious activity taking place. If they do spot anything which seems out of the ordinary, they are required to contact their Beat Patrol officer immediately. The Neighborhood Watch program makes people participate in making their neighborhood a safer place, all the while bridging the communication gaps between the police and the citizens at large.

Thornton Police Departments
Citizen’s Academy: The Citizen’s Academy provides all people of Thornton the ability to gain first- hand experience about how the life of a police officer works. This program is conducted with an aim to decrease the differences between the citizens and their police officers. There is always a strong interest in the program, as citizens are always interested in learning more about the functions of the police, including how they conduct their criminal investigations, different techniques of patrolling and conducting investigations, search operations of buildings and vehicles, crisis negotiations, internal investigations, handling of the traffic unit and the K9 Unit.

Dog and Cat Microchipping: Through this program, you can get a microchip installed on the collar of your dog or cat for a mere price of $20. By embedding a microchip, you are ensuring the safety of your pet if they ever get lost or are stolen. You will be easily able to access the location of your pet in real-time and will be able to track them from any remote device.

Community Safety Initiative Meetings: The Thornton Police Department, in consultation with independent firms, frequently conducted meetings with the citizens of a community in order to identify the problem areas plaguing the community and what are the steps that should be taken to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Citizens are encouraged to attend these meetings and provide their advice and point of view regarding any issue that they may be facing and feel that the issue is something which needs to be tackled by the police on an urgent basis. This is a community outreach program, intended to understand the issues that are being faced by the people of the city in general and a community in particular.

Thornton Police
Thornton Police Department Address

9551 Civic Center Drive, Thornton 80229, Colorado.

Thornton Police Department Phone Number

For any emergencies, please contact 911. For any non- emergency related issue, contact the Thornton Police at (720) 977- 5150.

Thornton Police Department Website


Thornton Police Department Email


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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 16, 2022
Sensitive Information!