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Toledo Police Departments Information

The Toledo Police Departments is the agency handling law enforcement in the city of Toledo, which is the county seat of Lucas County in the state of Ohio.

About the Toledo Police Department

The City of Toledo Police Department has jurisdiction over a total area of 80.69 square miles in a city with a population of 274,975. Toledo is popularly referred to as the glass city because of the many glass manufacturers in the city.

The Toledo Police Department is headed by the Chief of Police. Chief George Kral is the Chief of Police in Toledo and is responsible for law and order in the city.

The Toledo Police Department Address is:

525 N, Erie Toledo

OH 43604

The phone number to contact the department for emergencies is 911, for all other dispatch related issues one can call (419) 245 3340. For information one can contact (419) 245 3246.

The Toledo Police Department Email address is toledo.police@toledo.oh.gov

The Toledo Police Department’s website is https://www.toledopolice.com/

Toledo Police Departments
Toledo Police Department Organization

The police in Toledo City is headed by the Chief of Police. The Internal Affairs Section that deals with complaints against staff and the public information unit directly report to the Chief. Both are headed by Lieutenants.

There are three divisions, each of which is headed by a Deputy Chief. The Divisions have bureaus headed by a Captain. Individual sections are headed by Lieutenants who are assisted by Sergeants and Officers.

The Divisions in the department are:

  • Operations Divisions where city operations are organized in two districts – Central District and Scott Park District. The Operations Unit is the main section in the department dealing with patrol and law enforcement. Other sections and units include – Community services section, Traffic section, K9 unit, Field training unit, and mobile field force.
  • The Investigations Services Division has the following bureaus:

o Investigations Bureau with person section, property section, Joint terrorism task force, Special Victims Unit, Domestic violence office, property recovery unit, arson office, Property unit, burglary unit, theft unit, auto theft unit, Forensic unit, Computer crimes unit, Crime stopper, and Scientific investigation unit.

o Special Operations Bureau has an Administrative Lieutenant and a SWAT force, Gang task force, Vice Narcotics Unit, Bomb squad, Unmanned aircraft section, and Critical incidents' negotiators.

o Intelligence and Special Investigation Bureau has Criminal Intelligence unit, Gun crimes, and intelligence task force, ATF Taskforce, Special Investigations Division, Metro Drug force, Prostitution task force, and Forfeiture unit.

  • Support and Administration Services Division that has two bureaus

o Support service bureau with Training section, Technical services unit, Research section, Court liaison unit, accreditation unit, Records section, Identification unit, and Data Entry office.

o Administrative services bureau has the personnel section, background unit, Sgt at arms office, Fiscal affairs office, Property management unit, Motor pool office, grants coordinator, and Communications office.

 Toledo Police Department Email

Filing a Report

One can call the police on the given number of on 911 for emergencies to file a report. Reports can be filed by visiting the police station. Online reporting is possible for the following crimes:

  • Disorderly conduct
  • Harassment over telephone
  • Theft valued up to $1000
  • Theft from vehicle
  • Criminal damage
  • Criminal trespass

Reports can be filed using the website https://coprs.noris.org/Disclaimer.aspx?AgencyCode=TOLPOL

Toledo Police Department Community Services

Toledo police department offers a number of community services for crime prevention and to work with the community to ensure a safer city. These programs include:

  • Toledo Police Explorers for youth to explore career options with the police dept.
  • Crime Free Multi-housing program
  • Crime Prevention programs
  • Business partnership programs
  • Youth programs to prevent youth from turning to drugs and gangs
  • Safe T-city program
  • PAL (Police Athletic League)

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 17, 2022
Sensitive Information!