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Torrance Police Departments Information

Though it is the lawmakers who lay down laws for preventing crimes or reducing them, it is the agencies such as the police department that ably implement the laws. Many people think that the life of the police is adventurous but they are oblivious of the fact that it is dangerous and risky as well. Despite the odds they face, the police are striving hard to implement the laid-down laws. Not only that, they may face situations during which they have to think rapidly and make on-the-spot and quick decisions. If they fail to do so, there may be chaos and things may become uncontrollable. That is the reason the authorities of the department ensure that the police are given constant training so that they can remain updated about the laws and can tackle any type of tricky situation.

Nowadays, criminals are adopting new technologies for committing crimes. This shows their readiness and willingness to embrace innovations. This being the case, the police are also forced to keep abreast of new technologies. In fact, they should think ahead and know what types of moves the criminals will make and what strategies they will adopt. Only then, they will be able to prevent crimes from happening.

But to achieve this aim, the police department has to decentralize as much as possible. That is the reason in the US, the Federal government is allowing every state of the country and even every city to have a police force on their own. Let us now look at the police department in Torrance, a city in the state of California.

Torrance Police Departments

Contact information of the Police Department of Torrance

The Torrance police departments can be contacted by calling the number +1 310-328-3456. This means that by calling this number, people can get the information they want. Of course, for making emergency calls, people can call 911.

Address from which the Police Department of Torrance City functions

The Torrance police department address is given below. People can use this information for sending letters or for visiting the place for obtaining information, they may need or for any other purpose.

3300 Civic Center Dr., Torrance, CA 90503, United States

Is there a website for the Police Department of Torrance City?

Yes. There is a website for the department. The website link is https://www.torranceca.gov/our-city/police. People can obtain a lot of information about the department by visiting the website. But since the Torrance police department, an email address is not given on the website, those who want to have online communication with the department should visit the "I want to..." page on the website, open the relevant link and seek the information they need, or send their messages.

Torrance Police Department Address

More information about the Department

The department has been servicing the residents of the city for the past 80 years. Not only that, there are about 230 sworn officers with the department. These officers are ably aided by nearly 130 civilian employees.

The city of Torrance Police Department offers cultural services, and arts and classes. They conduct a few programs as well for the benefit of the inmates as well as the general public. Some of the programs are Explorer Program, Juvenile Diversion, and Victim Support. The aim of these programs is to ensure the safety of the public.

Torrance Police are aware that safety is a basic right of the citizens. That is the reason they do not ignore even the small and apparently trivial moves of the criminals. They keep monitoring their activities because they know that whatever these criminal-minded folks do, they do so with the sole aim of committing crimes.

But at the same time, the police are aware that a few folks have become criminals because of circumstances. This is one of the reasons the police of the city strive hard and take all possible steps to transform these people and change their attitudes. The aim is to help them lead a normal life after their release.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 10, 2022
Sensitive Information!