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Vancouver Police Departments Information

The Vancouver Police Department has been serving the people of the city for more than 130 years. The department employs the latest technology and traditional police techniques to provide a safer society for the people of Vancouver.

Let us know more about the city of Vancouver Police Department.

About the Vancouver Police Department Administration

The department operates under the supervision of the Vancouver Police Board. The Board governs the department, oversees policies and serves as an employer, of the Department. The Mayor serves as the head of the Board, in accordance with the Police Act of British Columbia. The board also consists of other members serving as representatives of the city’s people. This Police board meets once in a month.

Vancouver Police Department Contact Information

Vancouver Police Department address (Headquarters):

Cambie Street 2120

Vancouver, British Columbia

The working hours of the department are 8:00 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Sunday.

Vancouver Police Departments

Phone numbers for general inquiries are 3 1 1 or 873 7000. The phone number for police situations that are not an emergency is 717 3321.

Emergency phone number is 911.

The list of phone numbers for specific department units is available.

Vancouver Police Department Email: vpd@vpd.ca. Note that the department does not monitor crime reports sent through emails.

Website address of the City of Vancouver Police Department: https://vancouver.ca/police/index.html

Major Divisions of Vancouver Police Department

There are 3 main department divisions– Operations, Support, and Operations Support. There are numerous sub-units to cater to specific crime and department operations. Some of such sub-units and their activities are explained below:

  • The Major Crime unit handles homicides, robberies, assaults, arson, and missing people cases.
  • The Financial Crime section investigates financial frauds and crimes.
  • The Hate Crime section investigates crimes caused due to hate and prejudice.
  • The Public Affairs Unit is responsible for national and global media relations. The Unit is also responsible for maintaining the department’s social media accounts.
  • The Crime Analysis section offers assistance to patrol officers, investigators and other crime unit members in crime-solving. This unit provides all essential information on suspects and patterns related to crimes.
  • The Drug Unit investigates drug-related crimes and enforces related laws. The unit members also take the responsibility to educate fellow police officers and members of the public about drug-related issues.
City of Vancouver Police Department
  • The Emergency Unit is responsible for designing a safe, expedited and planned response, for emergency situations so that such situations are handled with utmost efficiency and with minimal impact on citizens.
  • The Gang Crime sub-division is responsible for identifying gangs and neutralizing them. They also handle all Organized Crime activities.
  • The Chronic Offender unit assists the patrol team in nabbing and releasing repeat offenders. Unit officers ensure that chronic offenders do not have a damaging impact on themselves or society.
  • The Property Crime unit handles property crimes, including residential and commercial robberies, shoplifting crime rings and company thefts. The Unit works in association with other Vancouver police departments (various sub-units of the department).
  • The Sex Crimes section handles all sex-related crimes.
  • The Traffic Enforcement subdivision handles traffic-related offenses including driving offenses and collision investigations.
  • The dedicated Ceremonial unit consists of sworn members, both retired and serving, that voluntarily get involved in activities that uphold the dignity and standards of the City of Vancouver Police Department. These activities include the Ceremonial Guard and standard-bearer duties.
  • A list of all sub-units of the Vancouver Police Department is available.


  • The Police Board confers a Certificate of Merit upon citizens who assist the Police in situations that pose great danger. Citizens who help by saving a life, preventing a crime, or by nabbing, or by assisting in nabbing a criminal, are awarded.
  • Other awards include Chief’s Commendation, Unit Citation, and an Award of Valor, for police officers that have made outstanding contributions to the society and the department.
  • There is a citizen award that is conferred upon citizens that have made an extraordinary contribution toward making the society safer for citizens by either preventing crimes or enhancing the community and neighborhood safety levels.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on December 4, 2021
Sensitive Information!