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How to Find Public Police Records in the State of Washington?

Police authorities in Washington have played a very important role in maintaining law and order in the state. However, crimes at certain times cannot be controlled and happen at the cost of society’s welfare. The officials of the Police department have therefore ensured to maintain records of criminals and violators of civil conduct and keep a watch over them to make sure they don’t repeat their activities or do damage to the community.

Just like birth records, marriage records, and divorce records, Police records also form part of public records that can be accessed by the persons on record or the general public for various reasons. Like most states in the United States, Washington also provides easy access to the people wanting to view police records however it is a fact that not many are familiar with the procedure. If you want to perform a search on any person to check his criminal involvement or violation of civil conduct in Washington, the following paragraphs are for you. 

Washington Police Records

Why do you need to access Police Records?

  • To find out the conduct and character of a person
  • As evidence for cases (legal reasons)
  • Police record search is significant if you are looking to hire a person for handicapped/elderly/child care.
  • You are looking to partner with or establish business relations with someone new to you and you want to be sure about his background.
  • A neighbor has just moved into your locality and you want to ensure he is safe to have around or that he is not a threat to the people around.
  • To find out the past criminal activities of a person
  • Official documentation purpose
  • Family and personal reasons

These are only some of the reasons to look for police records; however, there are several other reasons that vary with individual needs. Even those persons on record can look for their police records in order to have them as proof for official, study or residency purposes, if they plan to go abroad or if their job demands the same.

How to obtain Police Records in Washington?

The Washington State Patrol in the state of Washington actively fills criminal reports and provides legal documents for the justice and law enforcement agencies in order to help them carry out their jobs efficiently. Besides, the state also has made it possible for the general public to access and view police records for official purposes.

Washington State Patrol

2803, 156th Ave SE, Bellevue, WA 98007   

Washington Public Records

In Washington: 

  • Ordinary citizens can access Police records in order to protect themselves from potential losses or attacks
  • You can get public files relating to convictions and on-going arrests that are less than 12 months old
  • If you are looking to manually retrieve police records, you need to get in touch with Washington’s Access to Criminal History. The service fee is $17 per copy, which you need to pay through money order or check. You can place your request via mail or by walking in person.
  • If you want the record quickly and searching for a convenient method of ordering the record, you can choose to go online. There are several search sites in the state of Washington that help you obtain police records in the least time.
  • However, if you decide to search your record online, ensure to look for a genuine company that assures money-back guarantee in case they fail to locate your record.

The State of Washington has been liberal in letting the public gain access to certain vital records that are intended to help them stay safe from unwanted elements in society.  

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 16, 2022
Sensitive Information!